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Curriculum preview for PRISE: A program for patients who have relapsed

Home Resources Curriculum Preview for PRISE: A Program for Patients Who Have Relapsed

This sneak peek of PRISE’s secret sauce explains how RCA helps individuals overcome their specific patterns of relapse to maintain long-term recovery.

Recurrence of substance use disorder is not a moral failing or lack of will power. Science continues to show addiction is a chronic brain disease that responds to treatment and can lead to both recurrence and recovery.

We developed the PRISE program for those who have the knowledge of what’s required to recover through previous treatment experience, but need new or different techniques to help implement the change in their lives.

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In this preview, you’ll learn what makes someone a good fit for PRISE and see samples of the proprietary clinical content used at our facilities. Clinicians, patients, and family members alike will find valuable insights, including:

  • Understanding the stages of change
  • What is relapse?
  • What makes PRISE different from other treatment programs?
  • Five days’ worth of sample activities and clinical content we discuss with patients

RCA specialized programs are a truly unique experience; created by experts to address specific needs in recovery. Download this resource to see the RCA difference in treatment curriculum.



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