What are the benefits of quitting alcohol?

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Spoiler alert: Thought-provoking questions (and responses) ahead.

Recovery Centers of America recently conducted a poll on our Twitter account, RecoveryCOA to find out how voters would respond to the following:

I would eliminate or reduce my alcohol intake if I knew that: 

  1. I could lose weight
  2. I could have better skin appearance
  3. I could sleep better
  4. My heart health could improve

Out of 2,487 voters, 37% voted weight loss, 21% voted better sleep, 24% voted better skin and 18% voted better heart health.


I could lose weight


I could have better
skin appearance


I could sleep better


My heart health
could improve

According to an evidence-based article from Better Health, there are several benefits to reducing or eliminating  alcohol intake.

Weight loss: Alcohol is considered to be “empty calories,” however, it also increases cravings for food high in calories.

Sleeping better: Despite alcohol causing people to fall asleep, it does affect the overall sleep cycle. A recent study in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research stated that drinking before bed increases alpha wave patterns in the brain, which disrupt a good night’s sleep.

Skin appearance: Alcohol decreases the production of the antidiuertic hormone that helps the body reabsorb water, which will cause skin appearance to look dull and dry. Eliminating alcohol will hydrate the skin and help with the reduction of conditions such as dandruff, eczema and rosacea.

Heart health: According to the American Heart Association, alcohol causes triglycerides and fats in the blood to rise. In other words, drinking alcohol is comparable to the intake of fat in the body.

Aside from these, there are several other great reasons to not drink. Scott Weisenberger, Chief Clinical Officer at Recovery Centers of America, lists some other amazing benefits.

  1. Saving money
  2. Being able to visit nicer restaurants without running up a bar tab
  3. Reduce the risk of diabetes
  4. Reduce the risk of seizures
  5. Eliminate the risk of getting a DUI
  6. Eliminate conflict with loved ones (saying things you may regret)

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