A Nation United: With Equal Access To High Quality Treatment for All

Plan A is a proposed piece of legislation developed by Recovery Centers of America – designed to put a stake in the ground and expand access to high-quality, effective addiction treatment for those who need it most and are currently not receiving the support or the coverage they need.

We need your help getting Plan A passed.

The Problem

America is experiencing a ferocious and ubiquitous addiction crisis.


Number of Americans killed in 2015 by drug & alcohol addiction.


Annual cost of addiction in America due to lost productivity, medical expenses, criminal justice, and car accidents.


of Americans requiring addiction treatment actually received it from specialized facilities.

16 Days

Average wait time for veterans to be admitted into an addiction treatment facility. 60% of Veterans are waiting longer than 7 days.

The Solution: Plan A

Plan A is a plan to address the addiction epidemic in America & put patients first by:

Improving access to addiction treatment for all Americans.

Improving access to care for people who are underserved.

Ensuring coverage for Veterans & Active-Duty Military Members.

Providing medicare coverage for elderly & disabled Americans struggling with addiction.

Providing incentives for healthcare providers to open new facilities in areas of need.

Sign the Plan A Petition

Fill out the form to sign the petition and support Plan A’s proposed expanded access to quality treatment. The time is now for America’s new PLAN A.

Federal Roadblocks to Access

Federal law restricts Americans’ access to high-quality addiction treatment.

No meaningful, national enforcement mechanism exists to penalize violations of the federal Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA), allowing group health plans and issuers to provide disparate benefits for addiction treatment and physical medical treatment.

Federal law severely limits access to addiction treatment for Medicaid and Medicare patients, and creates obstacles to addiction treatment for veterans, active duty service members, and federal employees. Furthermore, a lack of coverage for high-quality treatment under federal programs has led to no national standards for high-quality addiction treatment or coverage.

Federal law incentivizes investments in businesses located in high-unemployment, low-income and/or rural areas, but no such incentives exist for investment in residential addiction treatment facilities or outpatient programs where death rates from overdoses are high.

Plan A’s Federal Solutions

Our national spirit demands action because no one is immune to this ferocious disease.
Since federal law created these roadblocks, it can remove them.

Without federal action – and without your help, the addiction crisis in America will continue to kill our loved ones & destroy our communities.

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