Amanda Dye

Training Coordinator

Amanda Dye, BS, CADAC II joined RCA in November of 2020. Amanda received her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Indiana University and used that to develop her career in child and family services. After seeing the impact that substance use disorders had on family systems she transitioned into the correctional setting as a substance abuse counselor for the Indiana Women’s Prison. There she moved from counselor to director and ran the Recovery While Incarcerated program for all of the female offenders that suffered from substance use disorders including the pregnant and parenting mothers.

Amanda believes in the biopsychosocial approach to treatment. She is currently obtaining her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is part of the Corporate Training Team and brings an educated and passionate element to training all of the new employees at RCA Indianapolis. She works alongside the other leadership and specialty areas in the building to make sure all staff are supported in their specific training needs so the patients have 5-star treatment in every realm of services while at RCA. Amanda was born and raised in Indiana and is proud to be part of the mission to bring quality substance abuse treatment to those in her home state.

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