Niovi Gkolemi

HR Partner

Niovi is an HR Professional with more than 12 years of experience both in Consuming Goods and Healthcare industry. She has experience in operational and global HR positions. The last 5 years she has been leading HR functions in different Healthcare organizations both in Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Niovi’s goal is to be a true HR strategic partner in the areas of Workforce planning, Employee Relations, Performance Management and Succession Planning, Training and Development, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Strategic Planning and execution and other related areas.

Niovi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Human Resources Management. Niovi is also a Certified Trainer through the Chattered Institute of Personnel and Development in UK with experience in designing and facilitating Leadership trainings. Niovi is also an active SHRM member.

Niovi loves working for RCA because of our amazing and fast-paced environment, our incredible employees, our exceptional quality of care and she is passionate about our mission; she feels grateful to be part of the “miracles” that are happening to our patients’ life every day while they are in treatment with us.

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