Speaker Series: Kelly Moriarty of Minding Your Mind

Kelly Moriarty is a motivational and educational speaker with the nonprofit Minding Your Mind. The mission behind Minding Your Mind is to share the stories of those who have battled mental health and substance use disorder and bring hope to those who may be struggling.

Kelly’s story is one of recovery, and resilience. Kelly grew up in a loving environment, however her feelings of not being good enough and not fitting in became intrusive, and sparked a crusade to achieve perfection. However, this aspiration to achieve perfection left Kelly feeling boxed in, riddled with anxiety and desperately afraid of failure.

Kelly then found herself battling an eating disorder, as she strived to be perfect in all areas of her life, including her perception of “the perfect body”, which then lead her to turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of escape at a very young age.

Kelly lost everything in her addiction – she fell out of love with her passions, herself, and began to isolate, cutting off relationships with friends and family. After multiple arrests and her freedom on the line, Kelly made a choice. She decided to go to treatment, where she learned how to cope with her substance use disorder, her negative self-image, and the anxiety she experienced from such a young age.

Now, Kelly is active in her recovery and lives a happy, healthy life full of possibilities through travel and adventure. It is her hope that working with Minding Your Mind to share and educate others on mental health and addiction, that she will change the lives of those who may be suffering.

To learn more about Minding Your Mind and Kelly, please visit the Minding Your Mind website.


Mar 06 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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