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Breaking Free – Trauma & Addiction Recovery

Breaking Free, a program designed to help you resolve trauma and achieve lasting recovery from addiction

The pain, unease and lingering emotional impact of trauma or PTSD is often one of the major underlying factors of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Worse yet, addiction itself often creates new traumas that perpetuate the vicious cycle of addiction. If you have experienced traumatic or emotionally painful events in the past that may be preventing you from achieving lasting recovery and living your best life, Recovery Centers of America can help.

Breaking Free is a unique and life-changing program that begins the healing process for overcoming trauma and addiction to drugs or alcohol. The program is designed with an evidence-based approach that gets to the root causes of your trauma and addiction, and helps you… break free.

Breaking Free Locations

New Jersey: Mays Landing

Pennsylvania: Devon

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Gain freedom from trauma and addiction

While you are in Breaking Free, an elective 4 week trauma-informed substance use disorder treatment program, our compassionate, expert team of addiction professionals will help you heal through proven, therapeutic treatments designed specifically for dealing with both trauma and addiction.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Get reconnected with the values and aspirations at your core, learn to let negative emotions and behavior “pass through” and take a stand for yourself by staking your own claim on recovery.
  • Narrative Therapy Your RCA team will work with you to identify and inventory potential pitfalls to your recovery and help you address them. By identifying specific issues – and not you– as the problem, you can apply solutions more easily. A basic tenet of Narrative Therapy is “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.”
  • Positive Psychology We will help you develop a more positive perspective towards life and other people, this will help you find more joy, freedom and meaning. Through community activities and therapy, you will learn to garner the power of positive emotions, positive relationships, accomplishments and gratitude – which, in turn, will change how you feel for the better and energize you to move forward in a positive direction in life.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) You will learn to find and change mistaken ways of thinking that support behaviors with negative consequences and reinforce negative emotions and beliefs, thereby improving your emotional fitness and overall well-being.
  • Opportunities to help others through community involvement
  • Connections and sober events/meetups with alumni from the RCA Alumni Association
  • Family involvement
  • A seamless transition to outpatient programs for continued recovery support, available both in-person or virtual

Find your best life through the Breaking Free program

The Breaking Free program curriculum is designed to release you from the heavy burdens of trauma and addiction. You will learn that recovery is possible, and you can break free from the vicious cycle of trauma fueling addiction and addiction creating new trauma.

In Breaking Free, you will learn about:

  • The connection between trauma and substance use
  • False beliefs that often surround trauma
  • Using grounding and other techniques instead of substances to manage emotions
  • Triggers for both trauma and substance use
  • Feeling safe and secure in your environment
  • How trauma affects the brain on a physical level and how to heal it

Want to learn more about Breaking Free?

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At Recovery Centers of America, thousands of patients have achieved recovery through Breaking Free.

We believe in you and want to help you in your recovery.


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