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Telehealth is the solution to many barriers to treatment. No longer will you have to worry about transportation, a far commute, or treatment getting in the way of other obligations. Whether you’re completely new to Outpatient treatment delivered via telehealth or you’ve utilized telehealth before, you likely have a few questions on how this process works. Here’s what you can expect.

Telehealth RCA is literally the next best thing to being there. Just today, I was lifted from a very scary place because I was able to access my therapist.  Thank you for making Telehealth available to us patients,” – RCA client

In the beginning it (Telehealth) was hard to get used to but knowing what I am getting out of it is encouraging and makes it easier to get on. Now I look forward to it every day. I know I need to be accountable and it reminds me that I am not alone.” – RCA client

Telehealth is the use of technology (such as the phone or internet) to support and provide healthcare services when the medical or clinical provider is not in the same physical room. RCA uses the videoconferencing tool Webex, which is HIPAA-compliant, to deliver telehealth services.

Recovery Center of America has made my life so much more manageable. After changing to telehealth I was a little worried it would not be as effective. While it is different it is definitely helping me cope with so many of my issues. I thank everyone for all their help and RCA is amazing.” – RCA client

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