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Seeds to Recovery

Seeds to Recovery goes virtual

The health and safety of RCA patients and staff have always and will always be our top priority. That being said, we know people suffering from addiction and their loved ones are still suffering. In fact, in some cases, it may be worse, as isolation and more time together can create boredom, anxiety, and fear, and can lead to even more drug use or alcohol abuse. That’s why we’re making our Seeds to Recovery program virtual.

RCA is proud to offer families this unique, therapeutic experience in the safety of their own homes. Many leading experts in the field of addiction treatment – as well as some who have walked the path to their own recovery – will join together to share hope, education, and resources to help every family during this challenging time.

Run by RCA’s Clinical Services, Seeds to Recovery digs deep to educate families on the root causes of addiction and how to support a loved one on the road to recovery. We’ll also help families connect in a positive way and develop healthy communication and coping strategies. It’s your chance to learn more about yourself and your family dynamics as you navigate your way through your loved one’s addiction. Seeds to Recovery shows you how to set up a healthy home for everyone in your household.

Unless otherwise noted, all family programming is provided to our families and their loved ones as a part of clinical programming at no additional cost.

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