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Family Therapy for Substance Abuse

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Bringing hope and healing to your family

Addiction to drugs or alcohol affects more than the person who uses

With a family member addicted to drugs, the rest of the family usually suffers from anger, hopelessness, uncertainty, shame, confusion, fear, and feelings of helplessness.

Everyone in the family will learn about key topics like boundaries, family dynamics, and addiction treatment aftercare. Empowering family members with information and facts enables them to stand by their loved ones and helps them to put the family back together.

Weekly family services

  • Family orientation group
  • Family community seminars & meetings (Al-Anon, ACOA)
  • Development of treatment plan and plan updates
  • Intensive case management
  • Continuing family or couples counseling

Our primary goals in family therapy are to:

  • Help the family support their loved one in treatment in a way that offers the best chance at long-term recovery.
  • Strengthen the whole family’s emotional health so everyone can thrive.
  • Transform stress to strength, guilt to forgiveness, and anger to peace.*

To get information about family therapy at RCA, call us today.

*As reported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) by the Knowledge Application Program, 2017.

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