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Curriculum preview for Discover Program for young adults

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Young adults entering recovery from drug and alcohol addiction have unique needs. As a member of RCA’s Discover Program for young adults, you will receive custom-tailored addiction treatment while recovering in a close-knit focused, gender-segmented community that fosters connection and support.

Patients recover together with the support of peers, and therapists, recovery support specialists and other addiction professionals specially trained to work with this age population.

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Recovery Centers of America understands that you may be spending time away from family, work and other integral parts of your life to attend treatment, so we know that every moment of treatment is of the utmost importance. Each day is approached with high-energy, activities to keep the body, mind and spirit active, and a robust curriculum specific to young adults.

We’re offering a free sample of the Discover Program for Young Adults curriculum, covering the topics of:

  • The developing young adult brain
  • The importance of peer support in recovery
  • Communication and boundary-setting
  • Overcoming anger and shame
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Coping with trauma-related symptoms
  • Navigating family dynamics
  • Personal development and life skills
  • Parenting in recovery
  • Career strengths and skills
  • Health and wellness in recovery
  • Practicing safe social media presence
  • Understanding triggers
  • Resiliency and positivity


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