How Are You Staying Positive (And Busy) While Social Distancing?

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Spoiler alert: Thought-provoking questions (and responses) ahead.

Recovery Centers of America recently conducted a poll on our Twitter account, RecoveryCOA, asking Twitter users “How do you plan on staying positive (And busy!) while social-distancing?” Out of 8,630 votes, 25.5% want to connect more with friends and family, 40.5% want to get outdoors/exercise, 23.5% want to try a new hobby and several other voters gave their perspectives on other ways they would like to use this time.


Get Outdoors/Excerise


Connect More With
Friends & Family


New Hobby

These are some excellent ways to make use of the time, however some voters did outright express they would turn to drinking alcohol. According to a recent New York Post article, “Americans are drinking a crazy amount of alcohol during coronavirus lockdown.” US sales of alcoholic beverages risen 55 percent in the week ending March 21, according to Nielsen data. It is advised from health experts such as the World Health Organization that resorting to alcohol is an “unhelpful coping strategy.”

Recovery Centers of America team members have been weighing in on issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact isolation can resort to those in addiction recovery to use or drink again, resulting in relapse. RCA at Lighthouse’s CEO David Dorschu expressed “those in recovery need to make a concerted effort to reach out on a daily basis to their sponsor, who is a recovery coach, a kind of mentor helping them walk through the 12 steps (of recovery in AA and NA.” Despite the inability to attend in person meetings, it is important to stay connected and use the resources available via internet and phone. Recovery Centers of America is offering several types of online events such as daily meditations, 12 Steps in 12 Days, resume building and nutrition.

Aside from using online resources, keeping distracted and busy in other ways is important as well. Scott Weisenberger, Chief Clinical Officers at RCA offers some great advice for reducing anxiety. “Reduce your intake of the news, take short walks (while social distancing), read that book you got for Christmas or write some letters to loved ones.”

Despite the current pandemic, know that addiction treatment is available, and Recovery Centers of America is here 24/7 answering phones and admitting patients. Addiction is a disease and treatment should not be delayed during this time.

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