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RCA breaks down barriers for federal employees seeking treatment

At RCA, we have observed that federal employees are hesitant at first about entering treatment out of fear of endangering their jobs by using their health insurance for drug and alcohol rehab. However, you don’t need to choose between your job and your health. We will provide you with world-class addiction treatment that will help you renew your strength and health, so you can return to work a better employee than ever before.

As a federal employee, we are aware that you hold special security clearance or occupy higher-level jobs within the federal government, and that you are understandably concerned about your employment being terminated or having particular clearances revoked.

From patient feedback, we have found that, simply on the basis of seeking treatment for substance use disorder, you can set your worries aside. Through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993, employers are required to provide job protection for qualified family and medical reasons.

Prioritize your health and return to work a better version of yourself

A solution is to address the root of the problem through treatment, so that when you return to work your performance improves, you are in a position to address your probationary period, thus avoiding relapse and preserving your jobs and clearances. The FMLA provides baseline protection, ensuring that those seeking help for substance use disorder do not threaten their jobs or clearances as a result of it. Further, RCA employs an experienced team who will help you file a claim, and interact effectively with your insurance companies, all while protecting your privacy.

You’ll feel supported every step of the way

Our team is seasoned in helping federal employees get the most out of treatment, while ensuring that the requirements with their insurance providers are met. In helping thousands of federal employees at our addiction treatment centers, the team at RCA has built partnerships with the nation’s leading insurers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), a major insurance provider of federal employees, so we can expertly navigate the required process.

We nurture productive working relationships with your case manager at the insurance company, to provide them with updates necessary to maintain consistent coverage. Our financial counselors are well-versed in the necessary paperwork, filing it on your behalf, as well as working with your respective HR departments and/or EAPs as smoothly, efficiently and confidentially as possible. Above all, we are positively committed to your privacy. This stands as a top priority throughout all phases of treatment.

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