Robert Strauber

Associate Director of Intervention

Rob Strauber, CIP, CAI-II, CFRS, CRS is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional, ARISE Invitational Interventionist and Certified Recovery Specialist. As a person in long term recovery, Rob has witnessed first-hand the devastation that Substance Use Disorder can bring to the individual and their families. Rob works at Recovery Centers of America as an interventionist, family change agent, and an advocate for recovery. The need for a professional to help guide a family through a process of intervention, education and recovery can be very valuable by getting ahead of the addiction and helping the afflicted individual access treatment often times before they are actually “ready” or “hit bottom”. Rob has performed over 1,000 interventions to date.

A Chester County, PA native, he also is an Advisory Board Officer with the Chester County Chapter of PRO-ACT and serves the Young People In Recovery (YPR) Philadelphia Chapter.

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree from University of Tennessee and he has completed over 400 hours of Pennsylvania Certification Board approved Education Hours.

Tami Moylan


Tami Moylan, CIP, CFI, CFRS, Interventionist at Recovery Centers of America, never envisioned she would one day work in the field of substance use disorder treatment, but after watching her mother battle this horrific disease for over two decades, she eventually found her true passion and calling. She has an affinity for working with families seeking help for their loved ones. Tami is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), Certified Family Focused Interventionist (CFI), and a Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS). Tami feels strongly that families are the silent and forgotten victims of this disease and this is her way to give back and help those experiencing what she herself experienced first-hand.

Tami works very closely with the Intervention Support Specialists and leadership to help families struggling with addiction – a mission that is close to her heart.

“Watching my mother struggle with addiction for over 2 decades, it was hard, especially as a child,” Tami says. “But it’s why I do what I do. When I was going through this, there wasn’t help. There was no one on the other end of the line to guide a family. I recognize what addiction does to families. So while I’m passionate about helping the individual, I’m also passionate about helping the family.”

Tami accepts and expects every Intervention to be different yet stays focused on the goal and keeping everyone moving towards the right path. She excels in walking alongside families, educating and guiding, and helping them figure out how they can support the recovery – not the addiction.

“As long as someone is breathing, there’s hope,” Tami says.

Ashley Fuery


With over a decade of experience in the Mental Health & Human Services field, Ashley Fuery has been trained in many crisis de-escalation techniques, including NAPPI, NVPI, TCI, and CPI. As a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), Ashley excels at building an appropriate, trusting rapport with her clients, as her passion for helping people with mental health and substance abuse drives her motivation.

Ashley is no stranger to addiction; she lost her step-brother to the disease two years ago. She’s committed her career to helping patients and their families get on the road to recovery. She often reminds families of her favorite quote: “Don’t hate the addict, hate the disease. Don’t hate the person, hate the behavior. If it’s hard to watch it, imagine how hard it must be to live it.”

Ashley is a big advocate of treating patients alongside of their families. It’s easy to forget who the person struggling with addiction was before their disease – Ashley’s goal is to rediscover that person on their way to recovery and mend the family.

Craig Farrell


After spending many years in the Commercial Finance world as a Sales Manager and Financial Analyst, Craig found himself in many family addiction battles. 

After a family member nearly passed and his mom, dad and brothers found their relationships strained, finding a new life became paramount.  Achieving personal recovery 8 years prior, he struggled to help those closest with Family addiction issues.

He chose to pursue a second career in the Recovery Field. 

5 years ago, Craig felt led to a position in Peer Recovery and wanted to utilize his pain to help others. After serving in both the Homeless and Community peer populations he was assigned to the Hospital Emergency Room and Mental Health Wards in Anne Arundel County to help those experiencing overdoses and Substance Use Disorders. It is here where he found a new purpose to help those struggling to overcome both their addictions and find a way to recovery. 

Craig is excited to join RCA as the Mid Atlantic Interventionist so he can help those find recovery before the visits to Emergency rooms and Mental health wards begin.

Desmond Kane


Interventionist Desmond Kane MA, CADC joins the RCA Interventionist team with over 10 years of behavioral health experience. Desmond has held many roles that have contributed to his understanding and compassion for the disease of addiction, including outpatient counselor, clinical supervisor, residential counselor, program supervisor, and clinical outreach coordinator. He looks forward to bringing this experience to RCA, where he’ll dedicate his time to healing families and helping loved ones cope with the disease of addiction.

“The family dynamic is the foundation that creates support and construct for emotional growth, as well as the cohesive bond that helps deal with both good and difficult times,” says Desmond. “As an interventionist, I am able to navigate these topics and needs by showing the family dignity and respect, which usually addiction has been stealing from their family for way too long. Helping the family heal and grow with that same dignity and respect throughout the process is the goal.”

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