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Recovery Centers of America’s South Elgin outpatient center joins in Random Acts of Kindness Day Feb. 17

Janelle Marshallick

Authored by Janelle Marshallick

Recovery Centers of America outpatient treatment center at RCA outpatient Center at South Elgin recognizes “Random Acts of Kindness Day” on Thursday, Feb. 17, a day to celebrate and encourage random acts of kindness, distributing “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” pins to the community.

“Kindness makes all of the difference, benefiting both one’s physical and mental health,” says Karen Wolownik Albert, CEO of RCA at St. Charles & South Elgin. “Acts of kindness offer positive power to support ongoing sobriety and the will to rebuild life in recovery.

Full Chicago Herald story here: https://www.dailyherald.com/submitted/20220209/recovery-centers-of-americas-south-elgin-outpatient-center-joins-in-random-acts-of-kindness-day-feb-17

Authored by

Janelle Marshallick

Janelle Marshallick

Janelle manages the various RCA social media accounts but also enjoys writing articles, blogs and researching topics on addiction. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and is very passionate about the addiction recovery field because many of her heroes and role models are in recovery.


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