Drug & Alcohol Intervention

More than 90% of individuals pursue drug and alcohol treatment after an intervention.

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An intervention shouldn’t make a loved one feel ambushed. It is an opportunity for friends and family members to show someone they love that they don’t have to battle addiction alone.

Our interventionists make your loved one feel safe, working to break down the barriers standing in the way of seeking drug and alcohol treatment, including:

  • Shame and stigma
  • Not knowing where to turn
  • Concerns about effectiveness
  • Disinterest in abstinence
  • Job Concerns
  • Financial Concerns
  • Transportation

Working On Your Behalf

During crisis situations involving police, the judicial system, and medical emergencies, our team of professionals are also available to represent your loved one’s interests. RCA interventionists can serve as family advocates, giving you support and helping you get a desirable outcome for your loved one. Our interventionists will also act as court liaisons, recommending treatment as an alternative to incarceration and delivering expert witness testimony about the positive effects of drug and alcohol treatment when necessary.

Our Role

  1. Plan the Intervention, preparing family and friends
  2. Lead the intervention, ensuring the conversation stays on track
  3. Perform an initial clinical assessment of the potential patient
  4. Discuss treatment options and financial considerations
  5. Transition the patient into a residential drug and alcohol treatment program

Recovery Centers of America is with you every step of the way.

Meet Our Interventionists

The need for a professional to help guide a family through a process of intervention, education, and recovery is pivotal in getting ahead of the addiction. These RCA interventionists are ready to help anyone access the possibility of drug and alcohol treatment oftentimes before they are actually “ready” or “hit bottom”.


Robert Strauber, CIP, CAI, CRS


Robert Strauber, CIP, CAI, CRS

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