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April is Alcoholism Awareness Month, and Recovery Centers of America wants to spread awareness about the dangers of alcoholism and substance use disorder. There’s still quite a bit of stigma surrounding the topic of alcoholism — and those struggling with addiction often feel guilt and shame, which is why they hide their substance use from friends and family.

At Recovery Centers of America, we believe that education is key to dissolving the stigma–and a solid individualized treatment program is the way to get patients and their loved ones on the road to lifelong recovery.

Tips for helping a loved one with alcoholism

Think About the Conversation

Talking to friends or family members about their alcoholism won’t be easy. You’ll likely need to have several conversations before getting through to them. And you may never get through to them. Recovery Centers of America suggests framing each conversation as supportive and positive. Remember, it’s about creating a safe space and building trust, so remain calm and supportive.

Choose the Right Time and Place

These conversations need to happen in a peaceful and private place where your loved one will feel safe to open up to you. Avoid busy places such as coffee shops or parks, as the surrounding activity can be triggering and distracting. More important, ensure your loved one is sober for your talk. If you need suggestions on the right time and place, Recovery Centers of America is just a phone call away.

Support, But Don’t Enable

While you cannot force friends or family members to get help, you can be supportive. This could mean being someone they can talk to judgment-free, helping them get treatment information, helping them talk to their parents or spouse, and including them in sober activities to show them what life can be like without alcohol.

Intervene with Assistance

Interventions can be complex and difficult, but they can be the key to a successful recovery from addiction. To make sure you get the best outcome for all parties involved, Recovery Centers of America provides free intervention services. Our team of experienced professionals will be there to provide the resources, education, and support you need to make the process smoother and less overwhelming. Our experts will guide you and your loved one along every step of the journey, so that you have the best chance of supporting your loved one to get help.

How to help a loved one with alcoholism on social media

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