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When substance use is taking up most of your day, taking you away from loved ones and events you want to do, or when it begins to impact you frequently even when you’re not actively using, you might start to think about getting treatment. Sometimes it takes getting far down a path in life to realize it’s not the one we want to be on in the long run and that’s okay, it’s never too late to change course. There is also no reason to let it get worse because it usually does if you do not take action to stop it.

Looking for treatment for substance use is a big first step. This step can seem even larger if you’re unable to find something nearby that’s easily accessible to you and your loved ones.
Recovery Centers of America’s Indianapolis addiction treatment center is located right at the northern point of Indianapolis, about half an hour from Brownsburg. We have a full continuum of care available and are in-network with most insurances. Let’s talk about what we offer and how we can help you with your recovery journey.

How We Treat Addiction in Brownsburg

We know that addiction isn’t a copy-and-paste condition. The journey is unique for every client that walks through our doors. That’s why we don’t offer a copy-and-paste treatment program. 

Our programs are based on clinical feedback and patient outcomes which we systematically track. One thing we have found is that people entering treatment tend to be at different stages of their journey, and have different needs. In particular with experience and mental health needs. That is why our Pathways Program has three different branches, each intentionally designed to help specific individuals get the most out of their recovery.

One path is for those who are new to recovery, who may need to become familiar with the basics of recovery. Another path is for those who have relapsed or are returning to recovery. This group likely needs more help with the driving factors of their use, or help with triggers or coping skills to get them through tough life stages. Finally we have a path specifically for those managing substance use and mental health at the same time. Treating the mental health issue at the same time as the SUD increases rates of recovery. 

Working alongside our team and case managers, you will be able to be an active part of establishing your recovery journey so that it fits your needs. 

Our program is constantly, and intentionally, improving. We utilize client feedback and structured clinical feedback to inform our programming and treatment methods. We want it to work for you, and we’re willing to put in the effort to make sure that happens.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

What We Treat

We treat all matters of substance use.  We also tackle co-occurring disorders, which are when people are managing both mental health and substance use at the same time. 

Not everyone needs the same levels of care either. Based on your clinical assessment you can enroll in any level of care we offer, including detox, inpatient, and outpatient services. When you complete treatment you will be part of a strong alumni network and program to help keep you connected to care even after you leave our doors.

We offer MAT programs as well for those looking to recover from opioid addiction. Additionally, we know substance use can impact more than just the individual, it can impact others around them and it can more thoroughly affect the individual, as well. That’s why we offer other important programs like family therapy, nutrition and wellness, and even work programs to help you get a well-rounded foundation for your recovery journey.

Don’t wait to get the help you or a loved one urgently need

Your Next Steps Here at RCA

If you’re wanting to get started on your recovery journey, our team is always here and ready to help. With admissions available 24/7 and transportation both to and from here and Brownsburg available, you can get started on your journey at any time.

We get clients started on our admissions process within 30 mins, going over a physical with them and establishing what their needs are before getting started on detox or inpatient. Once the admissions process is complete, clients will get to meet their case manager who they will work alongside during their stay to establish a long-term plan for their recovery. 

Our detox process helps clients safely go through withdrawal. If needed, a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program might be started as an assist to recovery. Many clients will start inpatient treatment before detox is fully finished, once side effects are managed in an effective way. Our inpatient programs generally last a few weeks, but the exact length of stay can vary depending on the client’s specific clinical needs.

After inpatient, many clients will transition into our outpatient treatment program. This allows clients to continue treatment and support while adjusting back to their home life. Often home and work can have triggers related to their history of substance use, so having continued care during this time helps people overcome the new obstacles in their path.

Our team here at Recovery Centers of America is dedicated to your long-term recovery, both in and out of our doors. We’re here to help you through alcohol addiction, opioid use disorders, methamphetamine use, and more. 

We support the entire Indianapolis area, including Brownsburg, and want to see those in our community find the healing they’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at (855) 761-2897. We’re here and we’re ready whenever you are.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Things to Do in Brownsburg, Indiana

Located west of Indianapolis proper, Brownsburg, Indiana is home to almost 30,000 residents. With easy access to Interstate 74, as well as plenty of amenities, you’re sure to find something fun to do, whether for yourself or for your family and friends, too. 

Enjoy the Stunning Scenery at Natural Valley Ranch

If you enjoy both nature and horses, then the Natural Valley Ranch is a great place for you. Enjoy 30 to 60-minute horseback rides through their stunning 75-acre land. They also offer riding lessons and seasonal events. Check their website to see what’s coming up!

Have a Striking Good Time at Brownsburg Bowl

Bowling is a great way to spend time with family or friends, or even by yourself! Enjoy classic food while seeing how high of a score you can get. The center is undergoing renovations, but it is still open most days from noon to 10 PM for anyone who wants to enjoy some bowling. 

Have a Blast at the Gaming Lounge

The Press Play Gaming Lounge is great for all ages. With virtual reality setups as well as fun challenges such as capture the flag, nerf wars, and even an indoor basketball court this place has options for everyone. You’re sure to have fun and spend hours trying out all they have to offer.

Spend Time in the Sun at Williams Park

This amazing park is well known for its massive, wooden playground featuring a large castle for kids to climb around in. Besides that, however, is also a splash pad, many walking paths, a pavilion, and picnic spots, but also gardens, and a basketball court. 

Don’t wait to get the help you or a loved one urgently need



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