My Parent needs Help with Drug Addiction

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My Parent needs Help with Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease and an epidemic. Your parent is not alone in his or her addiction, and you are not alone in your concern for his or her health. Though changes in your parent’s behavior may be difficult to understand and frustrating to experience, it’s important to speak up about seeking treatment. You can’t choose lifelong recovery for somebody else, but you can help guide them toward the first step.

Recovery Center of America’s personalized approach to treatment will give your parent the long-term coping skills needed to achieve and maintain sobriety. Our facilities offer extensive family therapy and family education programs so that you can better understand addiction, the rehabilitation process, and help support your parent in his or her lifelong recovery.

How long will my parent’s drug rehabilitation take?

Following your parent’s detoxification and stabilization period, drug rehabilitation requires approximately 30 days of inpatient treatment at a Recovery Centers of America facility followed by 60 days of outpatient care. Drug detoxification will last, on average, for 4 days however each patient’s process of detoxification is different. It is not uncommon for detoxification to last over a week depending on the severity of the drug dependence or the patient’s personal history of addiction and addictive behavior. For addicted individuals to cease drug use, NIDA suggests a minimum of three months of treatment.

During inpatient treatment, your parent will learn the strategies and the foundation required to stop drug use. It’s important to remain patient and be supportive, as continued family support is an essential part of your parent’s long-term rehabilitation.

Can I visit my parent while they are receiving treatment?

To ensure your parent stays on track and remains focused on getting well, you may only contact your parent when a counselor is present during the initial detox period. During your parent’s inpatient treatment, you will be allowed, and are encouraged, to visit during specific visitation hours.

Family involvement in treatment activities and programs helps loved ones attending substance abuse rehab understand that they are not going through this alone. This is why Recovery Centers of America encourages consistent family involvement throughout a patient’s inpatient and ambulatory rehabilitation process. We offer extensive family therapy and family education programs to help family members better understand drug addiction, the rehabilitation process, and how to best support your parent in his or her journey of long-term sobriety.

Will my parent lose their job for seeking out treatment?

The American With Disabilities Act (ADA) prevents an employer from firing an employee for seeking and undergoing drug addiction treatment. He or she is also protected under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which entitles eligible employees to 12 weeks of unpaid time off for specified family and medical reasons including drug rehabilitation treatment. However, employers can terminate someone’s employment if substance abuse inhibits a person’s ability to perform his or her job duties or is in direct violation of a company’s policies.

Recovery Centers of America will honor your parent’s privacy and will only disclose information about rehabilitation treatments if specifically requested by the patient. We’re fully committed to protecting your parent’s privacy and follow strict HIPPA guidelines with regard to sharing information about treatment. In cases where patients are looking for assistance communicating the drug rehabilitation process to their employers, Recovery Centers of America’s staff can facilitate communications between your parent and his or her employer and human resources manager to ensure a successful return to work. This service is, of course, available exclusively upon request from the patient and will never be enacted otherwise.

Will my parent’s insurance cover their treatment?

Recovery Centers of America is in-network with most insurance providers, and many insurance plans have a provision for drug addiction treatment. However, the amount of coverage and the costs associated with copays and premiums will vary from plan to plan. Our financial counselors will provide assistance in understanding your insurance policy so that you and your parent have a clear understanding of coverage.

We offer financial programs and specialized scholarships to make drug addiction treatment as affordable as possible. Whether your parent has insurance or not, Recovery Centers of America never wants financial issues to be an impediment to receiving the treatment he or she needs.

How can I talk to my parent about getting drug rehabilitation treatments?

Expressing concern for your parent’s health is one of the best ways to make him or her feel less alone, and to ultimately enter drug rehabilitation. 90 percent of people who receive an intervention enter into addiction treatment. It’s important to stay away from any behavior or action that may delay your parent from seeking treatment, such as perceived judgment, engaging in arguments, or concerted attempts to change your parent’s mind. Speak with kindness and sympathy, as your parent is struggling with a disease that feels out of his or her control and requires medically supervised treatment. Recovery Centers of America recommends speaking with one of our professional interventionists before discussing treatment with your parent.

If your parent needs help with drug addiction and you are unsure how to initiate the conversation about treatment, call 877-520-9659 to speak with an interventionist. Our intervention team will help you choose the best environment for the intervention, gather a group of caring friends and family, and open the lines of communication between you and your mother or father.

Can my parent die from drug detoxification or rehabilitation treatments?

When conducted under the supervision of a medical professional, detoxification is safe and effective. Recovery Centers of America facilities offer personalized, medically supervised drug detoxification which caters to your parent’s specific physical and psychological needs. However, the reactions to unmedicated detoxification from a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines can cause seizures and other life-threatening health complications. Recovery Centers of America does not recommend self-medicated or unmedicated drug detoxification for this reason.

If you have more questions about the detoxification period, call 877-520-9659 to speak with a medical practitioner or masters-level clinician who will detail the personalized process for your parent.

How will my family pay bills while my parent is away?

It’s common to worry about the familial effects of a parent entering rehab, especially when it comes to finances. This is why Recovery Centers of America offers flexible payment plans, financial assistance programs, and scholarships that can help your family cover costs and bills while your mother or father is undergoing treatment.

We never want financial problems to be a reason your parent doesn’t receive the professional treatment he or she needs. If you have further questions regarding payment, insurance coverage, and the ways Recovery Centers of America can help, call 877-520-9659 to speak with a professional financial counselor who will walk you through the various payment options.

If you are primarily concerned with how inpatient treatment may interrupt your parent’s daily responsibilities and oversight, such as paying bills or caring for dependent family members, please call Recovery Centers of America and we can help you facilitate proper coverage and care in your parent’s absence.

How do I know if my parent really needs drug rehabilitation?

If you suspect your parent is struggling with drug addiction, you’ve probably noticed a few behavioral and physical changes. Some of these may include extreme mood swings and irritability, lethargy and depression, and not showing up for priorities like work and relationships. Any of these signs can be an indication that it’s time for your parent to enter treatment. Delaying the treatment process can be life-threatening, so it’s important to speak up if you notice a change in your parent’s behavior due to substance abuse.

If you don’t know whether or not your parent needs help with drug addiction, or if you’re not sure how to start the conversation, call 877-520-9659 to speak with an interventionist or therapist who will help you guide your parent on the path to recovery.

Will my parent go to jail after seeking drug rehabilitation treatments?

Your parent will not go to jail as a direct result of receiving drug rehabilitation treatments. Recovery Centers of America follows HIPPA guidelines and will not disclose a patient’s participation in drug treatment to law enforcement officials or any third-party without consent.

If your parent was convicted of a non-violent, drug-related offense prior to entering treatment, the case may be evaluated by a drug court following an arrest. Drug courts will assess an individual’s needs and risks and will often recommend a drug treatment program instead of prison time. It is more cost-effective for state and federal governments to mandate drug treatment over incarceration.

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