What to Expect

Your First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours of detoxification and recovery in a drug and alcohol rehab center are crucial. If you’re taking this first step with us, we want to assure you it’s the right one.

Meet your clinical care team

Upon arrival to our drug and alcohol rehab center, residents will be introduced to our team of clinical experts. Each member of a patient’s care team has been professionally trained in the most innovative and successful methods of addiction treatment.

Introductions will be made to a nurse, primary therapist, admissions counselor, and a psychiatrist (if needed). Each medical expert tells our patients how he or she will contribute to their all-encompassing sobriety treatment plan.

Most importantly, our team of professionals is prepared and passionate about helping each person on his or her journey toward a healthy and lasting recovery.

How healing happens

The first 24 hours are vital in establishing a healthy pattern and outlook of new recovery for patients suffering from substance abuse.

We offer this in abundance by providing services and support in the following forms:

  • Admission screening to evaluate the readiness and reasons for treatment
  • Review of Rights and Responsibilities to keep residents informed and safe
  • A tour of our five-star facilities to familiarize individuals with their environment and help them feel welcome
  • Introduction to friendly and empathetic team members
  • Nutritional meals to promote physical healing
  • Comfortable beds to restore healthy sleep patterns
  • Medical history and physical to establish a continuum of care for overall health and wellness
  • Psychiatric evaluation to determine how the brain and mind are functioning, adding corrective measures to sustain optimum mental health
  • Education on addiction and how to keep the disease in remission
  • Activities that assist in navigating thoughts and feelings
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