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What to Expect

Our evidence-based treatment model, expert clinical team, and safe & comfortable environment help you learn how to live your life – free from addiction.

To provide you with the tools you need to develop and maintain long-term sobriety, we designed our addiction recovery centers to deliver drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a safe and secure environment with a full staff of medical personnel and licensed clinicians.

Our superior staff-to-patient ratios of 2:1 ensure that you receive individual attention and care. Someone from your treatment team will be available 24/7 to help you heal and provide the medical supervision necessary in case of an emergency. This will help maintain your and your family’s peace of mind throughout the treatment process.

Your stay at a Recovery Centers of America facility will include:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxification, if necessary
  • Safe transportation to an RCA facility
  • Initial and ongoing medical assessment
  • Individualized treatment plan and programming
  • Group and individual therapy sessions
  • Psychiatric evaluation, if necessary
  • 12 Step Education
  • Physical fitness programs
  • Art and music therapy
  • Safe and comfortable facility
  • Individualized aftercare planning
  • Nutrition counseling and healthy meal plans

The most important step is the first one.
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A preview of your recovery journey.
Take a tour and start planning your stay using the resources below.

  1. Your First 24 Hours – Rehab admission that transitions you into addiction treatment with compassion and understanding
  2. What to Bring – Preparing for your inpatient treatment stay
  3. A Day in Treatment – Each day in treatment is another step toward your sobriety
  4. Psychological Services – Developing an individualized drug and alcohol treatment plan
  5. Fitness & Recreation – Getting physically active to feel well again
  6. Diet & Nutrition – Benefit from a healthy, balanced diet during and after treatment
  7. Leadership Training – Building a stronger you to combat the disease of addiction
  8. Evaluation & Assessments – Determining the level of care that’s best for you
  9. Residential Treatment – Treatment close to home in your community
  10. Detoxification – Begin your treatment with medically supervised detoxification
  11. Medication-Assisted Treatment – We’ll determine whether a medication-assisted program is right for you
  12. Group Therapy – You’ve fought addiction alone long enough
  13. Individual Therapy – Focusing on your personal recovery journey
  14. Family Therapy – We treat the whole family to make the family whole again
  15. Seminars & Workshops – Keeping you engaged in treatment and recovery every day

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