Visitation Hours at RCA Inpatient Rehab Facilities

Whenever possible, RCA inpatient facilities encourage family members to play an active role in the treatment of their loved ones through family therapy sessions and regular visitations.

We believe family is an important part of treatment. All patients need a strong, stable support system during their time in treatment. You can use this page to check up to date visitation hours for family, friends, and loved ones in every RCA inpatient rehab facility.

Coronavirus (COVID 19) update to visitation:

We know that visiting your loved one is an important part of the recovery process.  Patient safety continues to be our primary concern at RCA, both from their substance use and now from the novel coronavirus, known at COVID19. Because the virus is beginning to spread across our communities, RCA is taking steps to keep patients and their families as safe as possible from the virus. We are working diligently to monitor COVID 19 and reducing contact points between the facility and the public. This includes restricting visitors from the community and suspending visitation and in person family sessions.  Currently we are offering telephonic family sessions and are also offering Weekly family sessions “in person” via video conferencing.  This will also allow families to virtually see their loved ones “face to face” once a week.

Visitation Hours

Below you can find visitation hours for every Recovery Centers of America inpatient rehab facility.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,
in-person visitation and sessions at multiple
RCA locations have been suspended.

Our patients and staff's health is our top priority. Due to the rise in COVID-19, in-person visitation and sessions at multiple RCA locations have been suspended. Virtual visitation and sessions can be coordinated with your loved one's treatment team. For more information on how RCA is dealing with the COVID-19, visit Recovery Resources During Coronavirus
For visitation questions or more information, please email Vice President of Family Services Trish Caldwell at

Family Visitation Rules

To visit with your loved one, they will first have to add you to the visitation list during their admissions process. Once that happens, you will receive two courtesy calls to give you an introduction and let you know how to schedule a visitation with your loved one. In most cases, the first call will come from the admissions department and then, 72 hours later, from your loved ones assigned primary therapist. Alternatively, if you’re present during your loved one’s intake, you will receive a Family Welcome Kit and get an in person overview of how to schedule visitation times.

Once you receive your call or receive a Family Welcome Kit during admissions, you will need to use the provided facility phone number to schedule a Family Orientation and visitation at an available time.

If you happen to lose the provided phone number, you can contact RCA’s Director of Family Services, Trish Caldwell, using her email.

Family Orientation and Education

All approved visitors are required to complete family orientation and at least one family education module. Both orientation and family education are formulated to help you understand what inpatient rehab is like, what your loved one is going through during addiction treatment and how you can be a positive part of their recovery process. There are up to four free family education classes (modules) available to take, but only one is required (in addition to orientation) for visitation. Education module topics may include: Using Narcan For Opioid Overdoses, Addiction & the Brain, Empowerment & Healing the Family System, Communication & Boundaries, Journey in Recovery and many others. Because the addiction recovery of your loved one is a family effort, both orientation and one family education module are mandatory for visitation.

Family Orientation lasts one hour and is typically available right before visitation hours.

Family Education Modules last one to two hours depending on the module and are also typically available prior to visitation hours.

Family Counseling

Family Counseling happens separately from family visitation and requires an appointment with the patient’s primary therapist. The primary therapist typically calls the patient’s family within 72 hours of admission to make arrangements. Often family members are deeply affected by the substance use of their loved ones. Families sometimes blame themselves for their loved one’s addiction, while the person struggling with addiction blames themselves.  As a result, everyone is angry with everyone. Parents feel shame from not doing something sooner or raising their son/daughter a different way. The loved one feels shame for not being able to beat the disease of addiction. Facing these and other issues with the help of a trained addiction therapist is a part of the healing and life rebuilding process at RCA inpatient rehab facilities.

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