Outpatient Telehealth Webex Instructions

Recovery Centers of America uses Webex for the following services:

  • Family sessions with the patient’s therapist
  • Visitation sessions with your loved one
  • Outpatient group and individual sessions with a therapist

You will be sent a Webex meeting invite via email for all scheduled sessions. This will be generated by either your therapist (for outpatient sessions and inpatient family sessions) or the facility’s centralized scheduler for visitation. In order to use Webex, you will need to have the ability to connect to Webex via an internet web browser or the Webex application downloaded on a smartphone.

*Please note: RCA strongly recommends using the phone-in option for audio. If you choose computer audio instead, headphones are needed to prevent audio reverbs and echoes.

How to set up your device with Webex prior to an RCA Outpatient Telehealth session

To use Webex, you will need one of the following devices to connect:

  • An IOS Apple iPhone or iPad with the current OS
  • An Android mobile or tablet
  • A Microsoft PC running Internet Explorer Version 8 and 9; Google Chrome latest version; or Firefox latest version
  • A MAC running the latest operating system and same version Safari browser; Google Chrome latest version; or Firefox latest version

If you are using an IOS iPhone or iPad or an Android mobile or tablet, you will need to download the ‘Webex Meetings’ application here:

How to attend an RCA Outpatient Telehealth Session on Webex

After downloading the Webex app, follow these helpful instructions for when you want to join on:

Participating in an Alumni event? Head to our Alumni Webex page to view step-by-step instructions.

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