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Families RISE (Recovery Inspires Supportive Environments)

Is your young adult child suffering from addiction? We know this is painful for you and your whole family. But there is hope. Addiction treatment works, and recovery is possible. At Recovery Centers of America, we specialize in treating young adults so they can enter a life of lasting recovery. A big part of your child’s success will be your involvement on their road to recovery. And that’s why we have designed Families RISE, a program dedicated to the families of young adults with substance use disorder.

With young adults ages 18+, it is particularly vital for families to provide constant support and encouragement to their loved ones. To establish healthy boundaries, set realistic goals and create a framework to guide young adults toward achieving these goals, structured conversations between young adults and their families need to be a significant part of treatment.

What is Families RISE?

To provide therapy, support and education to families and their loved ones in treatment,  Recovery Centers of America has created Families RISE (Recovery Inspires Supportive Environments), a special support group offered to the family members of anyone enrolled in the young adult inpatient treatment program, Discover, at Recovery Centers of America at Devon.

Trish Caldwell, RCA’s Vice President of Family and Clinical Programming, brings her expertise in family and addiction therapy to bear in the creation of this treatment enhancement service. The groups themselves are led by Devon’s Edward Harrington, a clinician who specializes in family therapy. As the Family Engagement Specialist, he will contact you, as a family member of a young adult in treatment at the Devon inpatient facility, to invite you to participate.

If you wish to, participation in Families RISE involves:

  • Wednesday evening process groups exclusively for families at Devon
  • Weekly family sessions with or without the young adult present
  • Tuesday evening educational family webinars
  • Optional attendance in other family programs, such as Seeds to Recovery

Topics covered include:

  • Effective communication
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Helping your loved one launch
  • Self-care
  • Avoidance of enabling
  • Realistic goal-setting
  • Healing with your loved one
  • Multifamily community and fellowship
  • Education about SUD and its treatment
  • Avoiding pitfalls of traditional family therapy

Why Families RISE works

Because so many of the young adults are still living in their family homes, families are inevitably drawn into their loved ones’ struggle. Since you’re already involved in the problem (your loved one’s addiction), it is crucially important that you be involved in the solution (their recovery).

A positive and supportive home environment has an enormous advantage in overcoming addiction and promoting a productive life in recovery. In fact, according to a National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) study, caregivers who are more likely to see successful recovery in their loved ones are those who:

  • Are involved in treatment
  • Understand its importance
  • Work with treatment providers
  • Remain engaged in the recovery process

Having some meetings separate from your emerging adult child will develop both their independence to and interdependence with you.

Also, having another family session with both you and your loved one present will help address enabling, self-care, and the establishment of healthy boundaries.

What are the benefits of Families RISE?

Through this combination of therapy sessions, support groups and educational webinars, you will:

  • Learn how to make constructive changes in your family dynamic to support your loved one’s recovery
  • Work with a primary therapist to reach goals of your loved one within the family
  • Develop ways to manage your behavior
  • Create space for your loved one to achieve independence

Traditional family therapy focuses too heavily on your child and their addiction, which can be counterproductive, leading them to feel defensive or hostile. One major benefit of the Families RISE approach is that it treats the family as a whole, avoiding this unwanted consequence, helping you and your child heal together, develop good boundaries and achieve healthy independence.

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