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Evolutions, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment for older adults age 50+

Your struggle with addiction may be relatively recent or many years in the making, but either way it is never too late to achieve sobriety and recovery. While your history and life experiences are unique, rest assured in knowing that there are many others at your stage in life who have also struggled with addiction and achieved recovery at Recovery Centers of America. We created a program, Evolutions, to provide the treatment and care that will help you find your best life regardless of your age.

The Evolutions program at Recovery Centers of America is designed with adults 50+ in mind. Whether you are at a transition point in life involving retirement, your children leaving the home, or your health deteriorating, you are not alone. In Evolutions, you will be with peers 50 years of age and older who are understanding, supportive and focused on making a positive change.

It was very important for me to get treatment among my peers, because when I was in other treatment centers, I was around younger kids and I couldn’t relate. In our stories, the same age group of people that I’m with is almost exactly the same. We all go through the same struggles together and we come out the same end together. That’s been very beneficial for me.”
– Jeff R, Evolutions Program Alumnus

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It’s never too late for freedom from addiction and a good life

Our expert addiction physicians, nurses, therapists and recovery support specialists will provide evidence-based treatment leveraging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychiatric support, the 12-step principles, and more. In addition, while in treatment you will learn about:

  • Physiological changes which happen to both the brain and body as you age and the impact that has on drug and alcohol use
  • Medicine management
  • How certain medications interact with alcohol
  • Pain management; transitioning to a non-opioid and wholistic options that are actually effective
  • Techniques for increasing restful sleep and ongoing sleep hygiene
  • Weight management
  • Management of metabolic disorders, such as diabetes

One year ago today I realized I was powerless over alcohol, my life had become unmanageable; I checked myself into RCA in Devon. Not only did RCA save my life they started the transformation to make me a better person than I’ve ever been and made my life better than I ever thought possible. I thank RCA and everyone who works there for everything they have done for me, continue to do for me, and for everything they do for anyone who asks.

– Warren C – Evolutions Program Alumnus

Feel confident your needs will be met

Evolutions is designed with your care and comfort in mind. From semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms to comfortable beds, to brightly lit common areas with entertainment, to nearby nursing stations, your comfort and care are paramount to us.  Here are answers to commonly asked questions from patients considering the Evolutions program.

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