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Having Faith in Recovery: Why It Matters

Effective addiction treatment is made up of three aspects, forming the addiction treatment triangle: mind, body, and soul. At Recovery Centers of America, the physical aspect is treated throughout the entirety of treatment, but especially during detoxification. Our team of clinicians and therapists ensure each patient is comfortable from the moment they walk in, so they can focus on getting well.

Next, the mind is treated through one-on-one and group counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). During this process, our compassionate counselors may suggest a patient with a history of trauma or multiple attempts at recovery enter one of our specialized programs, so their disease can be treated holistically, increasing the likelihood of reaching recovery.

So what is the best way to treat the soul? And why is it such an important part of the addiction treatment triangle?

Curriculum Preview for a Christian Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Program

Do you want to learn more about Christian Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Program? Download this preview of the proprietary clinical content we use every day at our facilities.

Faith-Based Addiction Treatment

There’s a difference between being spiritual and being religious; however, one thing these two have in common is the way they make a person feel.

Both spirituality and religion can help you feel more fulfilled, giving you a sense of connectedness and belonging. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, outside of our basic needs as human beings (think: food, shelter, water), we have deeper needs, such as social needs (friendships, romantic attachments, family, social groups, churches and religious organizations) and esteem needs (feeling appreciated, respected, accomplished).

When these needs aren’t met, imagine how you may feel: Empty. Without purpose or personal worth. Inferior, with no self-esteem.

All of this could add up you turning to drugs or alcohol to fill these holes, eventually leading to substance abuse.

Infusing spirituality or faith-based principles into treatment can help you rediscover your self-worth and purpose. It also gives you time to heal, repair, reconnect, or revive your relationship with your Higher Power.

Our Christian Program & Spirituality in Addiction Treatment

RCA believes in treating our patients from a holistic standpoint – mind, body, and soul. We understand and respect various religious views, which is why we offer spirituality as a part of our curriculum. Spirituality can be interpreted and practiced in many different ways. Here are a few ways RCA incorporates spirituality into addiction treatment:

  • Yoga
  • A 12-step based curriculum
  • Meditation
  • Reiki

Recovery Centers of America has also created a Christian Faith-Based Program for those who wish to incorporate their faith into addiction treatment. Whether you already stand strong in your faith, want to explore spirituality/religion further, or just feel as though you’ve lost touch with your faith, we’re here to meet you where you are with encouragement and compassion.

Reconnecting with your spirituality or religion could be the catalyst to filling those voids of emptiness that are created during an addiction. Just remember – try to be open to trying different methods of reconnecting with your spirituality or religion. What might have worked for you while in active addition might not be the right fit anymore.

We’re glad to help you spark that connection or to help you continue to grow with the momentum you already have. Get in touch with one of our Treatment Advisors to begin your road to recovery today.

Meet Pastor Zack

Pastor Zack has been involved with serving men and women struggling with addiction for over seven years. Formerly the Assistant Director/Chaplain at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, Pastor Zack was responsible for leading the Work Readiness program and is currently a spiritual advisor for RCA. His passion is to see patients experience freedom from their addiction by connecting to their higher power. Pastor Zack is dedicated to love, and encourages every person he comes in contact with because he believes every life can be transformed.

We our own worst enemy, We put so many expectations on ourselves. With addiction comes feelings of embarrassment, guilt, shame – even though this is a disease. God can remove your guilt. You can come as you are because God will help put the broken pieces back together. Take a step of faith today.”
– says Pastor Zack

A Specialized Program for Those Looking for a Higher Power in Recovery

A drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t have to define who you are and is not a reflection of the sincerity of your faith. At Recovery Centers of America, we understand the internal conflict of those who possess strong Christian convictions while also battling substance abuse addiction. You may be at a loss for where to turn for treatment, especially if you’re struggling with guilt and shame, and feel as though your faith community does not understand. You might also feel your addiction has damaged your relationship with God and that it needs to be rebuilt.

Much like RCA’s Breaking Free program for patients with trauma and PRISE for patients with multiple attempts at treatment, our Christian Program is a specific program for those who wish to incorporate faith into their addiction treatment. As a separate program from RCA’s regular treatment curriculum, our Christian Program offers an invitation to return to your Christian beliefs by embracing God’s love and acceptance. He is not moved by your behavior as much as He is relentlessly driven by His incredible love for you. God hasn’t given up on you and He isn’t disappointed with you – your struggles do not represent moral failure or a lack of faith. Addiction is a disease, and at RCA we treat your addiction through the integration of recovery principles and your beliefs. Whether you already have a strong standing in your faith, desire to explore your spirituality, or if you feel as though your faith has been lost, we are here to meet you where you are with encouragement and compassion.

Our Christian Program combines evidence-based treatment with Christian principles. Those who profess a strong religious faith or want to find their way back to their faith can bring their addictions into focus, make peace with themselves, and find meaning and guidance for recovery through their faith.

Entering our Christian drug and alcohol rehab isn’t based on the strength of your beliefs. Our program is immersed in Bible-based principles and standard concepts in addiction recovery, especially the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Utilize Faith as a Driving Force Towards Recovery

RCA’s Christian Program incorporates the recovery principles outlined in the 12 Steps. There are many similarities between the 12 Steps and Christian principles, which our program emphasizes as a meaningful pathway to recovery.

Ordained ministers who are also experts in the field of addiction and recovery created RCA’s Christian Program to ensure the specific needs of Christian patients are met. This program encourages a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with God, as guided by Christian faith and while respecting the wishes of individual patients to follow their own churches’ teachings. This is open to anyone who is searching for a more meaningful relationship with their creator.

Our evidence-based Christian program centers on four therapeutic cornerstones:

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy: Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) rejoins the patient with his or her core values. Often, addiction takes away an individual’s values that were shaped by Christian principles. RCA’s Christian Program works with patients to restore these values and help them make a solid commitment and an action plan that supports the values.
  • Narrative Therapy: Addiction can make someone feel like they’ve lost or misplaced their values as a person and to their faith. Narrative Therapy helps the patient rewrite their blueprint for the future; one that is focused on future action, meaning, and commitment. This new blueprint will embrace Christian principles and provide a plan for the person to embrace their faith as a part of addiction recovery process. Narrative Therapy’s motto is, “The person isn’t the problem, the problem is the problem,” which correlates with the Bible’s, “Love the sinner and not the sin.”
  • Positive Psychology: One major aspect of Positive Psychology is that people feel better about themselves by the simple act of expressing gratitude or thanksgiving in a Christian context. Positive Psychology encourages patients to help the next person as a pathway to greater happiness, meaning, and fulfillment.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: In its simplest form, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) teaches patients to ensure their thinking is rational and accurate, which in turn improves emotional well-being. Emotional well-being then improves behavior. Through CBT, patients can correct their thinking as a means of ensuring their behavior is congruent with their faith-based values.

Christian Addiction Treatment

Here’s what the program looks like at a glance: Patients are assigned a Primary Therapist, who will provide individual, group, and family counseling. Every patient in the group counseling sessions will be voluntary Christian Program participants. The topics of the group and individual sessions will blend faith-based principles with the 12 Steps and help guide patients to Christian and moral values. Each patient will be assigned a specially trained case manager who will work with each individual patient to create an effective aftercare plan. This way, the patient can continue the good work they started in the Christian Program.

Patients will also be offered medical, nursing, psychiatric, and nutritional services, as these are essential elements to RCA’s mission of providing a holistic approach to restoring patients to a meaningful life in recovery.

In addition to Sunday worship services on site, which alumni and their loved ones are welcome to join each week, the Christian Program has enlisted the assistance of a number of churches in the local community that will provide on-site support for patients. Patients may also be eligible to attend services at nearby churches in order to strengthen their bond with recovery. Visits from patients’ clergy from home are also encouraged.

At Recovery Centers of America, we’re dedicated to our patients’ reaching meaningful recovery. We provide the tools and resources needed to reach recovery while repairing or growing your relationship with your Creator. Call us today and learn more about our addiction treatment services.

Exploring Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Topics with Pastor Jason Krail

Pastor Jason Krail is one of the incredible team members who works with our patients in the faith-based program. Learn more about important topics in recovery by watching our videos.  If you’d like to call Pastor Jason directly to discuss your recovery and/or treatment options, call 877-730-0438. He welcomes calls every day of the week, at any time that works for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


Pastor Jason Krail - "Trust"

Forgiveness in Recovery

Pastor Jason Krail - "Forgiveness in Recovery"

Asking for Help

Pastor Jason Krail - "Asking for Help"


Pastor Jason Krail - "Reconciliation"


Pastor Jason Krail - "Temptation"

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