Christian Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program

Freedom, a Christian addiction treatment program designed to strengthen your faith and help you achieve lasting recovery

Strong faith can give you the power to persevere and overcome any obstacle. With faith, the right tools, and the right people by your side, you CAN overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. At Recovery Centers of America, we created an addiction treatment program that will provide you with all of the above to ensure your success in treatment.

With God all things are possible.”
Mathew 19:26

Created by ordained ministers, who are also experts in the field of addiction and recovery to ensure the needs of Christian patients are met, Freedom is a unique and life-changing Christian addiction treatment program that can help you refresh your connection to God and achieve lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Reignite your faith and find Freedom from addiction

While you are in the Freedom program, an elective 30-day Christian substance use disorder treatment program, you will receive treatment focused on healing your mind, body, and soul.

Your body will be treated throughout the entirety of the program, but most especially so during early stages of treatment to ensure your maximum comfort during the detoxification period. Your mind will be healed through counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other tested clinical and faith-based approaches. And finally, the needs of your soul will be addressed through guidance from our Christian addiction treatment experts, as well as Bible focused groups and services offered in the Freedom program.

➦ Faith-based support

Guidance from ministers who are also addiction treatment experts

Sunday worship services

Ability to schedule visits from your clergy

Christian therapy, 12-Step and Bible study groups

Visits of clergy from local churches

➦ Core addiction treatment services

Opportunities to help others through community involvement

Connections and sober events/meetups with alumni from the RCA Alumni Association

Alternative therapies such as art and music therapy

12-Step immersion and 12-Step yoga

Family involvement

A seamless transition to outpatient programs for continued recovery support, in-person or virtual

Explore faith and addiction with expert guidance

Pastor Zack is a spiritual advisor for RCA. He is dedicated to love and encourages every person he comes in contact with because he believes every life can be transformed.

“With addiction come feelings of embarrassment, guilt, shame – even though this is a disease. God can remove your embarrassment, guilt and shame. You can come as you are because God will help put the broken pieces back together” says Pastor Zack

Pastor Jason Krail is another one of the incredible team members who works with our patients in the Christian faith-based program. If you’d like to call Pastor Jason directly to discuss your recovery and/or treatment options, call 877-730-0438. He welcomes calls every day of the week, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Watch Christian recovery videos by Pastor Jason:

Forgiveness in RecoveryAsking for HelpReconciliationTemptation

Return to faith, heal and find your best life

Addiction to drugs or alcohol takes a painful toll on all parts of life, faith included. We’ll help you get through the tough times, overcome addiction, and regain a steady footing in your faith.

God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life”

Romans 8:28

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Pastor Jason Krail - "Temptation"

Pastor Jason Krail - "Forgiveness in Recovery"

Pastor Jason Krail - "Asking for Help"

Pastor Jason Krail - "Reconciliation"

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