Stephanie is the Regional Business Development Manager for RCA’s New Jersey and New York region. In this role, she works with communities, families and individuals to help those suffering from substance use disorder receive the treatment they need and begin a life of recovery.

As a solution-oriented individual, Stephanie believes that mental health, substance abuse and the overall well-being of a community starts with education. Accordingly, she received a BSN from Atlantic University and a BHS from Indian River State College. She has also broadened her range to become a certified interventionist, recovery coach and life coach.

With sixteen-years of experience in mental health and substance abuse treatment, she has been able to improve the performance, integrity and functionality of industry leaders and first responders alike. She is gifted in her ability to empower others to find their voice, show up as their authentic selves and actualize their potential. She takes pride in her commitment to her team to aid in carrying out the vision of recovery.

Stephanie is also a loving mom and wife. In her free time, she enjoys quality time with her children. She owns Golden Paws which is a nonprofit that helps give service dogs to children suffering from seizures.

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