Rick Bradley

Regional Business Development Manager - Eastern PA

Rick Bradley is the Regional Manager for Business Development Officer for Pennsylvania. He joined Recovery Centers of America in 2016 after a career in sales and customer services related positions. Rick has been actively involved in the recovery community for years and was attracted to RCA’s accessibility, sense of urgency, and provision of services such as interventions, transportation, and family resources.

Since joining RCA, Rick has remained steadfastly focused on easing the suffering of men and women with substance use disorders as well as their families. He is committed to helping RCA’s patients get their lives back, establish new relationships with their loved ones, and get hope for their future. Rick and his team of treatment advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide education, resources, consultations, guidance, and support.

In his personal time, Rick spends quality time with his family, playing basketball and softball, and caring for his Boston Terrier.

To reach out to Rick and learn more about RCA, schedule a meeting or tour of a facility, discuss partnering together, or more, he can be reached at 610-306-4220 or rbradley@RecoveryCOA.com.

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