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Those suffering from an addiction need help now more than ever

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Those suffering from an addiction need help now more than ever

Over 23 million Americans suffer from a substance use disorder (SUD). Out of that number, on average about 10% access treatment. There are many factors that contribute to that low percentage, such as access to resources and support.  Oftentimes, many people who have an SUD utilize emergency departments for addiction treatment. In the current climate, that will pose a significant barrier to care.

Those of us who work in the behavioral health field are seeing the implications that COVID-19 has on the populations we serve. There are multiple areas that are notably impacted when working with individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction. These individuals, who are already underserved and stigmatized, will face additional barriers to treatment for COVID-19.

For years, research has shown that the substance-using population has limited access to adequate healthcare resources, higher instances of incarceration, and also higher rates of homelessness. How do you wash your hands if you don’t have access to soap and water? How do you quarantine or isolate if you don’t have a home?

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What can you do?

This virus has many physiological, social, economic, and environmental implications. Remember that the opposite of addiction is connection. The way we heal the damage and trauma caused by addiction is through compassion, kinship, and connection and you can do that in many ways during this trying time. Offer support, lend an ear, be available to those who are struggling. This population is going to see a decrease in communal support due to restrictions, and they may feel lonely and isolated. Loneliness and isolation are huge triggers for individuals in active addiction and recovery. Compassion is key.

What is RCA doing?

Please check out our COVID-19 update for information on how we are addressing the virus.

For more information, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has issued clinical guidance on their webpage, based on federal recommendations. ASAM is also sharing state-specific actions including New York State’s Office of Addiction Services and SupportsOhio Mental Health and Addiction Services and Washington State Health Care Authority.

Written by Domenica Personti

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