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On the other side of fear: Faith

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“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

With each passing moment, we are seeing the world around us changed by the COVID-19 virus and panic over Coronavirus. The number of people dying continues to rise, our financial markets and small businesses are temporarily shut down, and families are encouraged to stay at home to eliminate any possibility of the virus spreading to our neighbors. Our hearts break for those who have been affected and our prayers go out to those whose lives will forever be changed. But there is hope. Amongst all the tragedy and despair, there remains a resolve within the American people. We have seen greater enemies, overcome painful adversities, and we will come through this pandemic stronger then before. Because that is who we are: strong, courageous, compassionate.

At Recovery Centers of America, we stand on the front lines every day battling one of the most devastating epidemics that this great nation has ever faced, the opioid epidemic. Hundreds of people die every day from this terrible disease and that is why we exist. To help those stuck in the margins know that there is a way out for them, no matter how bad our societal climate may seem. With the COVID-19 spreading at an alarming pace, the number of people scared to get help with their substance use disorder increases. Our message remains the same: We will not back down. We are standing firm ready to help those who desperately need it.

Faith is a pillar here at Recovery Centers of America, and our hope and prayer is for everyone who feels hopeless during these adverse times finds the courage to ask for help. Your faith may be at the lowest it has ever been but take heart; many people have been in desperate conditions before and have gotten the help they need by saying the three most powerful words, “I need help.” That is all it takes for you to begin the journey of recovery. The team here at Recovery Centers of America has faith in you during these unprecedented times of hardship.

The true test of our character will not be measured by our bank accounts, or any material possessions we have gained, but it will be measured on how we face difficulties and help our neighbors in times of suffering.

On the other side of fear is faith. Our faith expressing itself through love is how we will overcome and experience freedom. That is the American way.  Let us all come together and stand united in our fight to save lives. These next few weeks will test our faith. May we pass the test with open hearts by showing the world that our faith far outweighs our fear.

May God bless you.

– Written by Amber D. Chamberlain, M– Written by Pastor Jason Krail, RCA Spiritual Advisor

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