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Recovery resources during Coronavirus

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At Recovery Centers of America, we are committed to the safety of our patients, families and staff above all else. We strictly follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention on safety standards. Recovery Centers of America remains your partner in the fight against COVID-19 and addiction.

Recovery resources during Coronavirus

Welcome to Recovery Centers of America Coronavirus Resource Page. This coronavirus pandemic will certainly be a difficult time for everyone, but there are reasons why those of us in recovery or those struggling with drug and alcohol use may have a particularly difficult time.

We’re a group of folks who may seem difficult to characterize at first. While we thrive on human interaction, we’re also people who like to isolate, especially when we’re active in our addiction or experiencing uncomfortable feelings. And what’s more uncomfortable than being socially isolated while there’s an illness we don’t know much about impacting people across the globe? These issues of uncertainty around work, school, and family issues – when will we get to go back to school, how will we manage with “social distancing” that may keep us in a house with family members who are not supportive of our recovery? For those still struggling with drugs and alcohol, how will our body react without the substances? Is withdrawal likely? And for everyone – where do we turn to find the support we used to get from AA, NA, Al-anon, other types of recovery meetings, therapists, houses of worship and other resources?

RCA is here to help. We will provide support by making as many resources as possible available during this time. In addition to the RCA website and this page, please check out our Facebook page for updates and additional resources, web casts, Facebook live chats, and more.

Schedule of Online Recovery Meetings and Activities

Virtual NA and AA Meetings

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