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Relapse Prevention & Recovery Support

Treatment does not end when you are complete your treatment at RCA. Our comprehensive outpatient drug rehab programs are centered on continuing treatment and recovery support.

Recover For Life

Strong networks and continued outpatient drug rehab support long after residential treatment are major indicators of prolonged sobriety.

We Offer The Following Services & Support After Residential Treatment:

  • Outpatient drug rehab services including Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, and Traditional Outpatient.
  • A plan to develop a support network they can turn to when at risk for relapse.
  • Treatment recommendations and referrals for their next level of care.
  • Continued access to the RCA Patient Portal – an interactive tool that patients can engage with throughout their recovery.

A New Approach To Technology & Recovery

We know what it takes to achieve success in both in the short- and long-term. Individuals provided with the proper information, resources, and support are given a greater chance at a healthy and lasting recovery.

We have partnered with MyBrainSolutions and developed the proprietary RCA Patient Portal. These tools collectively give recovery an online presence and allow patients to stay connected to their sober networks after residential treatment.

Another facet of the RCA tech platform is MyBrainSolutions, a cognitive assessment and mental training online tool. Patients in residential and outpatient settings will have access to this tool to boost cognitive performance and track individual progress.

Phoenix Multisport is a recovery-focused fitness organization that is peer-led and peer-organized. Open to the public at the Boston Center for Addiction Treatment, Phoenix brings together everyday physical fitness and the external community.

In addition, patients have access to our proprietary Patient Portal – a beautifully designed and functional tool that provides continued access during and after residential treatment for all patients, alumni and family. The Portal is an interactive tool that engages patients during and beyond their residential treatment, keeping a secure and confidential digital footprint on their journey to recovery.


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