Healthcare Professionals Program

Exceptional Addiction Treatment for the Healthcare Professional.

The RCA Healthcare Professionals Program provides solutions to treat nurses, pharmacists, and physicians struggling with addiction.

The Rate of Addiction for Healthcare Professionals is One of the Highest in Any Workforce.

More Than


doctors, nurses, and other health professionals nationwide struggle with
substance abuse or addiction.

1 in 10


will fall into drug or alcohol abuse at some point in their lives.



of all nurses struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Up to


of pharmacists deal with alcohol or chemical addiction at some point in their careers.

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Healthcare Professionals Program

Exceptional Treatment for Healthcare Professionals

Long, exhausting shifts can be extremely demanding - both physically and emotionally, sometimes leading healthcare professionals towards drugs or alcohol. Those who become addicted live in fear of being caught and facing devastating consequences such as, loss of employment, license, legal issues, arrest, jail time, and worst of all their life.

You support the healthcare professional but you need a knowledgeable partner to deliver a unique patient experience and create an innovative curriculum to ensure successful recovery, and above all, provide the continuous communication that is paramount to the patient and everyone who has an interest in the patient’s long-term and meaningful recovery. We’re here for you.

Communication Through Recovery and Beyond

Our Concierge Communication Program works with Peer Assistance Programs to enhance the treatment of our Healthcare Professionals Program. We provide continual communication, for up to three years, to all parties involved with the patient’s treatment and recovery, including:

Employers | Legal Officials | Licensing Boards | Judicial Officials

This ensures everyone can successfully advocate for the patient and provide proper care – so the patient is ready to return to their professional and personal life.

As a trusted provider, the RCA Healthcare Professionals Program provides solutions to treat nurses, pharmacists, and physicians struggling with addiction. We help them return to employment, maintain their license, and advocate on the patients’ behalf to resolve all legal action.
MAT is available as medically indicated.

The RCA Difference.

We have a mission to save 1,000,000 lives-one neighborhood at a time, creating treatment for addiction and mental health disorders that is as affordable and accessible as the treatment of other diseases.

The RCA model is unique in the industry and includes:

Neighborhood Model

Keeping patients close to people and processes that can support them.

World Class Care

Delivers compassion, respect and integrity in a comfortable and safe world-class environment.

Relentless Advocacy

We work with lawmakers to change policies and introduce laws that improve treatment of people suffering from substance use disorders.

We’re bringing our commitment, dedication, and the highest level of care to healthcare professionals who need our help.

Clinically effective inpatient recovery therapies and outcomes.

Curriculum Specifically Designed for Healthcare Professionals

Inpatient Therapies and Outcomes

Through our deep understanding of the needs of nurses, pharmacists, and physicians, we’ve created an individualized clinical curriculum for healthcare professionals.

Participating in Group Peer Therapy

Addressing issues specific to healthcare professionals

Breaking Invulnerable Thinking

Due to a professional’s knowledge regarding substances, physiology, pharmacology, etc.

Surrendering Direction of Care

Help them deal with the realization, they are now the patient and not the caregiver.

Overcoming Guilt Over Ethics Violations

Coming to terms with laws, and ethics being compromised.

Committing to Recovery vs. Contract Compliance

Convincing the patient to complete treatment not only to keep their license but a commitment to choosing a life of recovery.

Returning to Work

How to return to their job confidently.

Outpatient Specialty Tracks

  • Trauma Group
  • Sponsor Group
  • Big Book Study
  • Family Dynamics
  • Medication Management
  • Progress and Process Reviews
  • “Giving it Back” - Next Phase of Recovery
  • Workplace, School, Licensing Legal Issues
I had the privilege to work with Recovery Centers of America to develop a very comprehensive program of clinically effective therapies and outcomes based upon years of expert experience as well as Evidence Based Best Practices. They have a specific comprehensive clinical curriculum for healthcare professionals, and their Concierge Communication Program keeps everyone involved and informed of a patient’s recovery status throughout treatment and after discharge.
Ken Dickinson | Co-Founder & Board Member:

Pennsylvania Nurse Peer Assistance Program (PNAP)
SARPH Pharmacist Peer Assistance Program

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