Would You Take the Opportunity To Work While In Addiction Treatment?

Recovery Centers of America asked Twitter users this question:

“What are your thoughts on being able to work or study for a few hours a day while in an inpatient addiction treatment program?” Here’s what they had to say:

Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse, located in Mays Landing, NJ recently launched WorkFlex, a service which offers time slots for patients to work on job or school related responsibilities without having to sacrifice their treatment experience and/or recovery.

The idea for WorkFlex originated from Dawn Belamarich, CEO at RCA Lighthouse, when she and other team members discussed ideas on how to be innovative for patients around the pandemic and beyond. With many people being able to work from home, creating a service allowing patients to work for a short amount of time in treatment would eliminate their anxiety around falling behind.

Dawn expressed “Most patients verbalize concern with work and school. They have concerns about missing deadlines and being able to keep their jobs. In their head, it is a huge barrier. Some people continue to delay treatment because of a fear of getting behind.”

Dawn emphasized that treatment and recovery always come first, but WorkFlex allows patients 3 hours per day, 5 days a week to work on school or job-related responsibilities in a classroom like setting. Privacy is respected, and a Recovery Support Specialist helps to organize the WorkFlex sessions so work or school related phone calls or video calls do not overlap.

Patients may choose between a morning session which begins at 10:45am or an afternoon session which begins at 3:15pm. You must provide your own equipment such as laptops, phones, and earbuds which are locked away securely in the facility when not in use.  You are able to use RCA’s Wi-Fi, and meals are also brought to each session.

Thoughts on WorkFlex from our patients

I was able to concentrate on my recovery because I felt like I was still able to maintain my responsibilities on the outside.”

I felt like because I was not leaving my work hanging, I was able to really absorb everything that was offered to me throughout my groups, individuals, and other experiences.”

The work program was great, it really saved my life.”

Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse is excited to launch this convenient service to help eliminate hesitancy to enter treatment and to ease anxiety around work or school responsibilities. At Recovery Centers of America, treatment and recovery are top priority. Click here to learn more about WorkFlex and treatment at Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse in Mays Landing, NJ.

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