What Is Your Idea of Sober Fun This Holiday Season?

Recovery Centers of America surveyed our Twitter followers to ask “what is your idea of a fun sober holiday activity?” for the upcoming season. Here’s what they had to say:

Alcohol-free dinners, holidays themed movie parties and volunteering for a cause are some great ways to celebrate the holidays in recovery. Be sure to use best judgement on gathering sizes and social distancing measures when appropriate. There are plenty of ways to make the most of the holiday season and to stay connected despite having to celebrate a bit differently this year! Here are 10 sober holiday activities to try out.

10 Sober Holiday Activities

  1. Drive-in movie nights! Depending on where you live, drive-in movie nights are still continuing into fall and winter months. A quick “drive-in movies near me” Google search can give you some insight on your local area.
  2. Sites like https://www.jinglering.com/ are hosting  Zoom meetings with Santa or you can purchase a pre-recorded message. Great for the kids!
  3. Sign up for a virtual class for all your cooking and baking needs this holiday season.
  4. Go for a drive to check out all the holiday lights in your neighborhood, take a vote between your family members to decide which house has the best lights.
  5. Have a gingerbread house decorating contest with immediate family members or virtually with friends.
  6. Gather up dry good donations for families in need. Ask your local church if they are offering community members the opportunity to sponsor families in need during the holidays.
  7. Get outdoors. Although it may be more difficult in colder weather, a winter hike or brisk walk can help to improve mood and relieve stress.  
  8. Be sure to make time for a few extra meetings whether virtual or in-person. The holidays can bring stress and relying on the fellowship found with others in recovery can be a life saver. You can check out RCA’s meetings here.  
  9. Try out some mocktail recipes. Prior to the pandemic, bars and restaurants were including mocktails on menus and social events revolving around mocktails. Check out some here and get creative!
  10. Sign up for an online fitness event. Virtual 5ks and online fitness challenges have become popular this year and are great ways to stay active.

As always, RCA is here to support your recovery through the holidays and beyond. Connection is key. Be sure to stay in close contact with friends, family and your sponsor as your support systems. The Recovery Centers of America Alumni Association is a great way to get involved in a recovery community local to you. We have chapters in the following locations: New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Greater Philadelphia area and Greater Chicago area. RCA Alumni welcomes anyone in recovery to our meetings and events. Click here to see our December calendar of events, which includes some special guest speakers!

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