Outpatient Program in Massachusetts

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Outpatient Program in Massachusetts

Our outpatient program in Massachusetts provides our patients with enough support to maintain their sobriety in their home and community. Our outpatient program includes outpatient-based individual therapy and group counseling sessions. Outpatient helps to prepare our patients for a life in long-term, meaningful recovery. Outpatient services are best utilized after our patient has completed a combination of Acute Treatment Services (ATS), Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) and/or day treatment and is stabilized in his/her home community. Stabilization can be measured by:

  • Limited urges to use drug of choice
  • Stable home environment
  • Stable home group in 12 Step fellowship
  • Stable sponsor in 12 Step fellowship

Our outpatient services are held throughout the week at various times to accommodate most work schedules. Outpatient sessions generally last 90 minutes per day and are held 1-3 times per week. Our patients take part in services including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Building a recovery support network

Like all of our programs, general outpatient programming at Recovery Centers of America is comprised of highly-credentialed, expert therapists delivering successful, evidence-based therapeutic protocols. Our outpatient program uses the most advanced techniques and experienced clinicians to help our patients to achieve lasting recovery at their own pace.

What topics will be covered during outpatient?

During outpatient programming, the focus remains on setting up our patients for success in long-term recovery. Some of the issues generally tackled during outpatient include:

  • Family and romantic relationships
  • Employment issues
  • Educational issues
  • Legal issues
  • Medical issues
  • Early childhood and development issues such as abuse and neglect

Our patients may participate in outpatient services on a weekly basis for an indefinite period of time.

What kinds of skills will I learn in outpatient?

Our clinical therapists can provide you with the recovery tools you need to:

  • Recognize triggers
  • Stop cravings
  • Prevent relapse
  • Manage your recovery for life

RCA outpatient programs are offered at the following Recovery Centers of America locations:

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