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General Outpatient Program (GOP) supports a lifelong journey to recovery!

Home Outpatient General Outpatient Program (GOP) supports a lifelong journey to recovery!

RCA’s GOP focuses on overall quality-of-life improvement and strengthening of relapse prevention skills. GOP further supports your recovery by continuing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly therapy sessions that advance your recovery journey! Sessions may include ongoing twelve step work, relapse prevention, coping skills, cognitive behavioral therapy, and addressing underling issues of trauma, depression, and anxiety. 

GOP services typically include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly treatment sessions that focus on: 

  • Individual therapy treatment sessions (45- 53 minutes) weekly.  
  • Family Therapy, Couples Counseling, Parenting Support.  
  • Group therapy sessions (60-90 minutes) monthly.  
  • Managing difficult emotions: guilt, shame, anger, etc. 
  • Relapse prevention, coping skills, and evidence-based treatment. 
  • Highly skilled licensed clinicians provide ongoing treatment and support. 
  • Medication intervention to reduce discomfort and reduce & suppress cravings. 
  • Connecting you with RCA’s robust Alumni Association.  

*GOP is referred to as Day Treatment in Massachusetts

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Levels of care for every level of your recovery

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your recovery or months in, we offer 3 levels of outpatient care:

General outpatient Program

(GOP) strengthens

GOP addiction treatment from the comfort of your home

In addition to RCA’s in-person outpatient services, we have extended our treatment beyond our offices to online via HIPAA compliant web and video conferencing.

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