General Outpatient (GOP)*

Maintain long-term recovery with RCA’s General Outpatient Program

GOP focuses on overall quality-of-life improvement and strengthening of relapse prevention skills. At this level of care, the addiction has been stabilized, and you’re able to delve deeper into the types of challenges that prevent you from experiencing optimal life satisfaction. These may include the impact of trauma, depression, and anxiety. You’ll look at the quality of life goals and ask yourself: How do I get to a place of living a meaningful life?

You may participate in GOP services on a weekly basis for an indefinite period of time, as you continue to work with our clinicians to create the type of life to which you aspire. However, if you and your clinical team decide a higher level of care would be a better choice, RCA has 2 other levels for you to choose from:

General Outpatient Program
(GOP) strengthens

When you’re in this level of care, you are no longer struggling with active substance use but may be experiencing other behaviors or life stressors that could create vulnerability to relapse or impair quality of life. This level of support is beneficial for personal growth and skill enhancement.

As a client in GOP, you will participate in:

GOP addiction treatment from the comfort of your home via telehealth

In addition to RCA’s in-person Outpatient services, we have extended our treatment beyond our offices to live, high-definition audio/video telehealth. We’ve watched clients thrive with our services from the comfort and safety of their homes. Whether you attend in person or via our digital health platform, you will still receive the same evidence-based treatment for which RCA is known for. Learn more about our telehealth services.

RCA General Outpatient Programs are offered at the following RCA locations in Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland:


Indianapolis, IN
(IP & OP)


Waldorf, MD
(IP & OP)


Danvers, MA
(IP & OP)

Westminster, MA
(IP & OP)

New Jersey

Mays Landing, NJ
(IP & OP)

Somerdale, NJ
(OP & MAT)

South Amboy, NJ
(IP & OP)

Voorhees, NJ
(Partial Care)


Devon, PA
(IP & OP)

Lansdowne, PA
(OP & MAT)

Monroeville, PA
(IP & OP)

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*General Outpatient Programs are commonly known as Outpatient in Massachusetts.

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