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Surprising facts about alcohol abuse in the Philly area

In many ways, alcohol is integrated into the routines of everyday life, from a happy hour cocktail to a celebratory glass of champagne. At the start of the pandemic, it was not long before ‘quarantinis’ started circulating on social media as a way to cope.

The normalization of alcohol consumption, even binge drinking, can make it difficult to realize that the daily glass of wine with dinner has become a bottle of wine every evening. Here is a quiz to help you determine if your alcohol use is out of hand.

Raising awareness on alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is a national problem that Recovery Centers of America (RCA) approaches on a local level through inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers. In the Philadelphia area, RCA at Devon is on a mission to help individuals and their families through affordable, accessible and evidence-based options — and to destigmatize addiction to allow people to get the help they need through awareness and education.

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