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RCA at Voorhees Director of Outpatient Services, Fallon O’Connell Guest on the Radio Show “Talk with a Purpose”

In October 2020, Fallon O’Connell, Director of Outpatient Services for Recovery Center of America, was a guest on the radio show, “Talk with a Purpose,” hosted by John DeMasi. DeMasi has a regular segment called, “Fighting the Opioid Addiction.”

O’Connell spoke with DeMasi about the pivot RCA made to outpatient telehealth during the pandemic. She was happy to announce that now with the ease of governmental restrictions, RCA has opened the outpatient doors a bit and are offering a combination of in-person and telehealth outpatient services.

O’Connell spoke about how many patients are dependent on in-person interaction to help with their treatment. When RCA opened up again for in-person outpatient treatment, people were excited to come back. She said they missed us—and we missed having them.

O’Connell expressed how RCA’s goal is to make sure everyone gets the treatment they need even through the COVID-19 pandemic. She expressed that RCA is always here to help everyone it possibly can.

Listen to a recording of this episode of Talk with a Purpose here.

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