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Summer holiday weekends and food go hand in hand. Cookouts, picnics, pool parties, beach barbecues – all make it easy to eat more than you originally intended to. Follow these smart snacking tips to stay healthy and on track: – Have a plan! Pack pre-portioned snacks to have easily ready while on the go. – […]


Signs of summer are starting to appear in the city: The temperature’s climbing, Kelly Drive is crowded as ever, and water ice is starting to reappear. But of course, the official start to summer is Memorial Day Weekend. There are a ton of events going on in the Philadelphia area (and plenty of them don’t […]


Memorial Day Weekend 2017 is around the corner, and there a ton of events going on across Boston. During the holiday weekend though, it can be challenging to find events and parties that don’t involve drinking. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for those who are trying to stay sober. Take a look at these […]


If you’re having a difficult time falling asleep on Monday, blame Saturday night. Depending on your activities over the weekend, there could be implications to your sleeping and eating habits for the rest of the week. When that happens, there can be consequences. Who do you know we can help today? Call 1-800-RECOVERY NOW The […]


This Mediterranean delight can be used as a vegetarian alternative to meat, consisting mostly of chickpeas, this is a great source of protein. For more healthy recipes, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here Health Benefits of Falafel Falafel is bean-based, so it provides all the benefits of beans! It provides the filling, satisfying […]

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Entering college can be an exciting and anxious time for families. If you are the parent or guardian of a child about to enter college, chances are you are concerned for them. Obviously, the top priorities are settling in, class scheduling, and simply adjusting to college life. But college is also commonly associated with parties […]

|05/17/17|Blog · For Families · News

The effects of chronic alcohol abuse can have detrimental effects on almost every major organ system in the body. These effects are potentially fatal. There are physical signs of that an alcohol-abuse disorder is present in someone’s life. Here are some examples: Physical Signs of Chronic Alcohol Abuse Chronic alcohol abuse symptoms vary from person […]

|05/16/17|Blog · News

Once a loved one has decided to move forward in the addiction recovery journey, family members are often surprised how many treatment options are available. While the number of treatment centers is a tremendous benefit to families looking for the best care, it can be confusing and overwhelming as well. Of course, you want to […]


When you think of binge drinking, what comes to mind? For some, the thought may conjure images of someone stumbling around, slurring their words, or getting sick. But here’s the truth: It isn’t always easy to spot someone who binge drinks. And that’s because many of the effects of alcohol on the body are internal. […]

|05/10/17|Blog · News

In today’s addiction care, special attention is given to patients with co-occurring mental health disorders. Many of these patients benefit greatly from receiving care known as dual-diagnosis residential treatment, meaning the patient receives simultaneous treatment for both the substance abuse and their psychological disorder. Because these are often intertwined, addressing both issues at once gives […]

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