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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is Feb. 26 to March 4, 2018, and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is working to spread awareness that eating disorders, like drug and alcohol addiction, can be deadly. It’s also very common for substance abuse and an eating disorder to co-exist, the Association says. When a Twelve-Step group […]


It’s easy to make a plan. To say, “I’m going to go to the gym three to five times a week, and work out for an hour every time.” But then life gets in the way. Despite our best intentions, it’s not always practical to get to the gym, to go for a run, or […]


It’s mid-February, and it’s snowing again. There’s three feet of snow on the ground, your car’s been plowed in, and more snow is coming. Maybe you think that’s wonderful. It reminds you of childhood: days off from school, going sledding, and falling backward into a soft cushion of whiteness to make a snow angel. Or […]


“Boy meets girl on AA campus, and love follows at first sight.” This often-quoted line from the AA text The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions makes it sound like it’s the most natural and wonderful thing in the world for AAs to fall in love. And, it does happen. But, as one of the slogan […]


Bill K had been living a double life for nearly seven years when it all came crashing down in May of 2012. That evening, he set out on what had become his daily routine: driving in to the city to meet a dealer, where he’d buy roughly 100 OxyContins or Percocets, sell all but 10 […]


Like most of us, Robert Strauber and Pat Brown are inundated with phone calls, texts, and emails all day and all night. But for the duo comprising the Recovery Centers of America’s lead intervention team, every message and every call means helping someone overcome a substance use disorder. “The fact is, we have to stay […]


Sometimes, the most difficult people to trust are those we love. If you have a family member who’s recently needed treatment for a Substance Use Disorder, it can be particularly difficult to trust their commitment to stay sober. Earlier broken promises to “stop using,” and memories of other chemical-driven betrayals, may keep playing in your […]


The big holidays are past—Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s—and now the doldrums of winter have set in. Thankfully, February is short. But it still packs in several landmines of temptation-heavy events. There’s Mardi Gras—Fat Tuesday—on February 13. Next comes Valentine’s Day. There’s also a holiday on February 18 called “National Drink Wine Day”—surely invented by a […]

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The Recovery Centers of America’s Mission Center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which means that director Mike Frisbie rarely gets a quiet moment. A typical day looks like this: wake up at 5 a.m., read logs and emails of overnight calls, head into the office by 6:30, go over reports […]

|01/18/18|Blog · News

Relapse risk is the nemesis of most people in recovery: around half of those who detox successfully will return to drug use at some point. But relapse doesn’t necessarily knock a person back to square one—recovering from a relapse may not even require that the user returns to detox or residential treatment. However, it does […]

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