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|03/24/17|Blog · For Professionals

As a social worker who works with active and recovering patients dealing with a substance-abuse disorder, you’ve been asked by family members what they could do to help their loved ones. It’s a natural question for them to ask during such a tumultuous time, and you play a pivotal role in restoring a family by facilitating […]

|03/21/17|Blog · For Professionals

Periodically, psychiatrists encounter patients in the clinical setting who require ongoing substance abuse care in long-term treatment centers. A concern for practitioners, however, is whether patients referred to long-term treatment centers will receive adequate care for their psychiatric needs. Many patients with substance dependence have received a diagnosis of a comorbid psychiatric disorder. A study […]

Individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders may find substance abuse treatment ineffective in ensuring long-term sobriety. Underlying mental health conditions, when left unaddressed, can contribute to relapse even if substance abuse treatment has proven successful for an extended period. Fortunately for those in need, co-occurring disorder treatment centers can improve treatment outcomes by offering concurrent treatment […]

The use of methamphetamine has drastic consequences for the brain. The more research is conducted, the more we understand the many ways that meth damages neurological functions. If you encounter clients who struggle with meth use, then it’s important to remain informed and updated about the latest research. Here are some important facts about to […]

Drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise in Maryland and the entire nation. The epidemic is growing rapidly. In fact, Maryland faced a 25% increase in heroin-related deaths between 2010 and 2014. Baltimore alone accounted for more than half of statewide heroin-related admissions. Substance abuse counselors in MD have the skills to reverse this […]


Many people in the United States have developed an oxycodone addiction. Oxycodone is an extremely strong opiate painkiller. It was originally designed to provide temporary relief to patients with extreme pain. Oxycodone can be used alone or with other painkillers, such as Percocet. The most common association with a brand name painkiller is OxyContin. Since […]


As an opioid drug derived from morphine, heroin is a highly addictive substance that can easily lead to changes in brain function. Understanding how heroin and the brain interact can empower both psychologists and clients to face heroin addiction in a proactive manner. Although heroin was largely misunderstood until the late 20th century, scientific and […]


Percocet abuse is running rampant in this country. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved Percocet in 1976. Since then, conflict has surrounded the medication as reports of high addiction rates filtered to the general public. Percocet is a mix of acetaminophen and the opioid oxycodone. Opioids are a class of powerful and […]

Drug abuse is a growing problem in the United States that costs more than $700 billion each year in health costs, crime, and lost productivity. Intravenous drug use is especially dangerous, with its higher risks of overdose, infection, and the transmission of HIV, among other health and safety risks. As a physician, recognizing intravenous drug […]

|02/21/17|Blog · News

Social workers often deal with mental illness and substance abuse. And they’re probably aware of the connection between the two. Individuals diagnosed with mood or anxiety disorders are twice as likely to struggle with substance abuse—and vice versa. There is a definite connection and it should impact how we approach both mental illness and substance […]

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