My Teen Needs Help With Drug Addiction

My Teen Needs Help With Drug Addiction

Studies show that, now more than ever, teens are seeking out substances to self-medicate for mental health reasons. Your teen’s drug addiction may be a call for help—and Recovery Centers of America can assist you in answering that call and treating the problem.

Our facilities offer unparalleled, medically supervised inpatient and outpatient treatment that teach your teen the coping skills needed for long-term sobriety. Throughout drug rehabilitation, patients work with a personalized team of masters-level professionals who guide them through detoxification, outpatient treatment, and recovery.

It is very important to frequently remind yourself that your teen’s drug addiction is not your fault. You are not a “bad” parent. Although you may feel helpless, frustrated, and disappointed when it comes to your teen’s addiction, you are not alone.

How long will my teen’s drug rehabilitation take?

Recovery Centers of America recommends 30 days of inpatient drug treatment followed by a commitment to at least 60 days of ambulatory care after discharge. Based on research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), individuals who commit to a 90-day track of treatment have the highest probability of remaining sober after treatment has concluded.

If you are wondering if now is the right time for your teen’s drug rehabilitation, call 877-520-9659 and our care advocates can provide more information about treatment timelines.

Can I visit my teen while they are receiving drug addiction treatment?

During the initial drug detox period, which lasts anywhere from 4-7 days, family members are granted limited visitation access and are required to have a counselor present to ensure your teen stays on track for recovery. Following the drug detoxification period, family members and friends are allowed to visit during specified visitation hours.

Throughout your teen’s stay, Recovery Centers of America encourages family members to participate in family-focused drug education and work with one of our staff therapists. Family involvement in the addiction recovery process is extremely beneficial and will help establish strong communication techniques, ultimately strengthening the family dynamic as you collectively overcome your teen’s disease.

Can my teen be expelled from school for attending rehab for drugs?

No. Your teen will not be expelled from school as a direct result of attending drug rehabilitation. Recovery Centers of America follows HIPPA guidelines and will not disclose your teen’s participation in drug treatment to school officials or any third-party without consent.

Will my insurance cover my teen’s drug addiction treatments?

Although the amount of insurance coverage for drug treatment differs from plan to plan, Recovery Centers of America is in-network with most insurance providers, and many insurance plans have a provision for drug addiction treatment. Our financial counselors will provide assistance in understanding your insurance policy so that you and your teen have a clear understanding of coverage.

To make drug addiction treatment as affordable as possible, Recovery Centers of America offers financial programs and specialized scholarships. Whether your teen has insurance or not, Recovery Centers of America never wants financial issues to be an impediment to receiving the treatment he or she needs.

Can I make my teen go into rehab?

Recovery Centers of America only treats patients who are 18 years or older and are not under court-ordered legal guardianship. A patient must be capable of voluntarily signing out of treatment at any time and for any reason.

Ultimately, your child has to WANT to recover and must accept the responsibility in doing so. Educate your teenage son or daughter about the life-saving benefits of professional treatment and share solutions to concerns he or she may have about beginning the lifelong journey of recovery. If you need help setting up an intervention or discussing treatment with your teen—whether he or she is willing or unwilling to enter treatment—call 877-520-9659 and an interventionist and therapist will help you open up communication with your teen.

Can my teen die from detoxification or rehabilitation treatments?

If your teen is undergoing medically monitored and professionally supervised detoxification at a Recovery Centers of America treatment center, detoxification is a safe and effective procedure and your teen is not at risk of dying. Our personalized team of professionals will cater to your teen’s specific physical and psychological needs throughout the detoxification process and during inpatient treatment.

Unmedicated detoxification from a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines can cause life-threatening health complications that may result in death. Recovery Centers of America does not recommend unmedicated or self-medicated detoxification for this reason. If you have questions about detoxification or rehabilitation treatments, call 877-520-9659 to speak with a clinician or nurse about your teen’s start to recovery.

Will rehab show up on my teen’s background check?

Undergoing drug addiction treatment will not show up on your teen’s background check. Recovery Centers of America follows HIPPA guidelines and will not disclose your teen’s participation in drug treatment to anyone without consent.

However, if your teen was convicted of a criminal offense prior to, during, or following treatment, he or she may experience legal repercussions. If your teen is over the age of 18, these convictions may show up on a background check.

How do I know if my teen really needs rehabilitation?

If you are questioning whether or not your teen needs rehabilitation, the answer is likely that treatment is necessary to stop drug use. You may have noticed a few behavioral changes including hanging out with a new friend group, locking bedroom doors, experiencing frequent mood swings and emotional instability, and making unreasonable excuses for his or her behavior. Trust your instinct—some of these behavior changes may seem like “teen angst” but they may indicate a bigger problem.

If you are unsure if your teen needs help with a drug addiction, or if you are unsure how to start a conversation with your son or daughter, call 877-520-9659 to speak with one of the professional interventionists at Recovery Centers of America.

Will my teen go to jail after seeking drug rehabilitation treatments?

No. Your teen will not go to jail as a direct result of seeking drug rehabilitation treatments. Recovery Centers of America will not disclose your teen’s participation in drug treatment to law enforcement officials or any third-party without consent.

However, your teen is not exempt from the legal repercussions of crimes committed before, during, or after receiving treatment.

Will colleges know my teen received drug rehabilitation treatments?

College officials will not know about your teen’s treatment unless he or she discloses the information to them. Recovery Centers of America follows HIPPA guidelines and will not disclose your teen’s participation in drug treatment to any college or university.

Can colleges revoke acceptance or scholarships after learning my teen was in rehab for drugs?

Recovery Centers of America will not report drug addiction treatment to scholarship officials or college institutions. Recovery Centers of America respects the privacy of patients and will not release information about your teen’s participation in drug treatment without consent.

Can my teen be admitted without a photo ID?

Yes. Not having a photo ID will not impede treatment. Recovery Centers of America goes above and beyond to obtain identification for those who are choosing recovery and do not have a photo ID.

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