My Patient Needs Inpatient Rehabilitation

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My Patient Needs Inpatient Rehabilitation

Twenty-three million Americans need substance use treatment, but only about ten percent of them receive treatment according to the annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

As a result, in October 2017, the federal government declared a public health emergency in response to the drug and alcohol crisis that is killing parents, children, and loved ones at unprecedented rates.

Healthcare providers are on the front line of this epidemic. And if your patient needs inpatient rehabilitation, Recovery Centers of America provides safe, evidence-based treatment from a team of highly credentialed professionals including masters-level physicians, primary therapists, nurses and psychiatrists.

What is needed from the hospital to expedite intake?

Recovery Centers of America’s admission process is designed to help individuals into treatment as quickly as possible.

In order to expedite intake for a patient who needs inpatient rehabilitation, call 877-520-9659 and Recovery Centers of America will ask you or someone at your facility to send over your patient’s medical records. Our team works quickly to verify your patient’s insurance and details within five minutes, and we can dispatch transportation within twenty minutes of the initial phone call.

Can you admit my patient if they don’t have any form of ID on them?

Yes, we will admit your patient even if they do not have identification. Recovery Centers of America requests that patients who need inpatient rehabilitation bring identification if it is available. But if your patient does not have a driver’s license or other form of identification, we will help patients obtain a state-issued ID or work to replace a patient’s lost or stolen driver’s license. Certain states require an ID for some medications to be dispensed during treatment.

Can you admit my patient if they have mental or physical ailments?

The vast majority of individuals struggling with addiction have a dual diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or trauma. Underlying mental health conditions, when left unaddressed, can contribute to relapse even if detoxification and rehabilitation have proven successful for an extended period. Co-occurring disorder treatment centers like Recovery Centers of America can improve treatment outcomes by tailoring concurrent inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

In terms of physical ailments, Recovery Centers of America is not an acute nursing home and patients need to be able to perform the assignments of daily living such as dressing, bathing, and moving around without assistance. However, if a patient has a physical ailment that does not prohibit him or her from conducting daily tasks (such as a broken arm), Recovery Centers of America is able to accommodate his or her needs.

How will my patient get from the hospital to your facility?

Recovery Centers of America provides your patient with safe, secure, and anonymous transportation services to ensure arrival at a Recovery Centers of America inpatient rehabilitation facility. We can have a car ready at your medical facility or your patient’s home within two hours of calling 877-520-9659.

Are there vacancies at your facility?

Yes, Recovery Centers of America has vacancies at our nearby treatment locations. If we do not have bed availability at the treatment center closest to you and your patient, we can provide transportation to one of our other rehabilitation centers. Call 877-520-9659 to start the process and confirm bed availability.

Will you admit my patient if they don’t have insurance?

Yes. Recovery Centers of America offers financial programs and specialized scholarships to make treatment as affordable as possible. Whether your patient has insurance or not, Recovery Centers of America never wants financial issues to be an impediment to receiving the treatment a patient needs.

Recovery Centers of America has a staff of advocates who work directly with patients’ insurance companies to obtain coverage for treatment. Throughout your patient’s inpatient rehabilitation, we collaborate with his or her insurance carrier to determine medical necessity for services. All patients have free access to a payment specialist who can help navigate financial responsibility for continued treatment. In addition, Recovery Centers of America has financial counselors at each location who are on-site to assist in this process.

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