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"RCA saved my life. The personal attention and group meetings were so valuable to realizing that life can go on sober. I have been out of RCA for 2 years now, life is so much better. Having the Alumni to be able to lean on, is such a gift!" -Melanie

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"Recovery Centers of America is an amazing place with great staff that is attentive to your needs. The place is beautiful, the beds are comfortable and the food is outstanding. The information I learned about addiction while staying there was outstanding. I recommend this place over any other every time I am asked." - Will

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Recovery Centers of America at Danvers
75 Lindall St.
Danvers, MA 01923

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Recovery Centers of America at Westminster
9 Village Inn Rd.
Westminster, MA 01473

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RCA continues to admit patients 24/7. Patients and staff members are routinely tested for COVID-19 at many of our facilities.

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You can achieve recovery and sobriety through our tailored programs

Recovery Centers of America offers specialized programs for:  

  • all men and women of 18 years of age or older
  • patients who have a history of trauma and would benefit from both trauma and addiction therapy
  • patients who have relapsed in recovery and are determined to achieve recovery again
  • patients who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community and wish to be with their peers
  • Older adults, over 50-years-old, who wish to be with peers in a similar phase of life
  • Patients who wish to incorporate spirituality into their recovery
  • First responders and military members.
  • Medical and behavioral health professionals
  • patients who need the flexibility to study or work remotely

At Recovery Centers of America, you will receive exceptional care from an expert team of masters-level clinicians, physicians, nurses, and staff. Our 24/7 medically supervised detox (ATS), residential inpatient treatment (CSS), and outpatient program options provide you with a complete continuum of care that is built on a foundation of evidence-based treatment principles, 12 step methodology, and medications for addiction treatment. 

No one should face barriers when it comes to receiving treatment.  In order to make treatment affordable, RCA is in-network with most major insurance providers and offers flexible payment plans. We now also accept Tufts Health Plan!

RCA provides 24/7 admissions, and interventions and transportation at no additional cost. 

We are in-network with major health insurance plans

Proven evidence-based treatment for drug & alcohol addiction

Recovery Centers of America provides treatment that is affordable, accessible and local

This ground-breaking approach is undertaken each and every day by RCA’s team of experienced, compassionate physicians trained in addiction medicine, clinicians, counselors, nurses and therapists, who are the top professionals in the field. The expert medical team and beautiful campus at Recovery Centers of America at Danvers and Westminster will keep you focused on your recovery.  

Addiction treatment works, and recovery is possible

You can overcome drug & alcohol addiction

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