Jacqueline Manu

Primary Therapist

Jacqueline Manu, NCC, LGPC is a dynamic, dedicated mental and behavioral health care provider with over 3 years of progressive experience. Highly trained in active listening techniques and theories, Jacqueline is adept at communicating effectively with clients and colleagues to establish positive, trust-based professional relationships.

Jacqueline began her career as a Community Integration Specialist, where she ensured quality across community integration outcomes. From there, she acted as Resource Coordinator, where she excelled in resolving conflicts within the team and led transitioning and transfer with timeliness to ensure support and service continuity. She then dove into her role as Mental Health Intern, spending her time coordinating and liaising with 27 individuals, groups, and communities to ensure optimal mental health through various therapeutic techniques, including CBT, Play Therapy, The Empty Chair, and encouraging clients to discuss their emotions and experiences. She also spent a majority of her time creating processes and treatment plans to focus on common patient issues, such as substance abuse, aging, bullying, anger management, careers, depression, relationships, self-image, stress, and suicide.

Before landing at RCA, Jacqueline acted as a Case Manager, where she helped develop case plans, assess progress, and follow up on tasks and services. She also helped lead 50 workshops that catered directly to patients.

At RCA, Jacqueline will be working hands-on with our patients and plans to use her core skills to help our patients reach and maintain recovery.

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