Donna graduated from Alvernia with a bachelor’s degree in Addiction studies from Alvernia University. Donna graduated from Walden University with a Master’s in Psychology. Donna started her career as an Assistant Case Manager for a transitional housing program for homeless women with substance use disorders as well as a women with children unit.

After one year of case management, Donna transitioned to another facility as an Intake Coordinator. While at this facility, Donna served as a counselor, lead counselor and Program Director. During my time with the facility, we began a Suboxone Program to provide additional supports for clients struggling with opioid dependence.

Donna has experience working in pharmacotherapy as a counselor, Clinical Supervisor, and Program Director. Donna developed programming that included groups focused on Trauma, Yoga/Mindfulness, Creative Arts, and a Life Skills group. Donna utilizes a person-centered approach to treatment allowing the client to lead the session. This approach rests on one vital quality: unconditional positive regard. Donna is passionate and dedicated to working with others to educate and empower them to accomplish their goals.

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