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Intervention Preparation Workbook

What is an intervention?

At Recovery Centers of America, we believe an intervention is a time to express concern and love for someone who struggles with addiction. It’s not a time to attack and shame. A productive, successful intervention is best achieved with the help of a professional interventionist. He/She can work with you and your selected support system to know what to expect and put a plan in place.

Preparing for an intervention

This workbook provides families, friends, and loved ones of someone who struggles with addiction a framework to discuss objectives with a professional interventionist. It’s a place to store ideas, information, and thoughts as you learn about the process.

Some questions we explore include:

  • Why does this person need an intervention?
  • What does the interventionist do?
  • Who are the best people to include on the intervention team?
  • What education and alignment does your team need?
  • What possible obstacles could you face getting your loved one into treatment?


We’ll also provide guidelines for you to draft a letter to your loved one – focused on healing with a positive tone, love, and encouragement.

How much does an intervention cost?

Once an RCA interventionist accepts your case, intervention services are included in the cost of treatment (no additional cost to you). Our interventionists are geographically closest to PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, MA, NH, and CT.


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Treatment options are included in the workbook, but please discuss these with your interventionist. This is not a substitute for receiving professional assistance with crafting and executing an intervention. Call us today at 1-800-RECOVERY to start the intervention process.

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