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Inpatient rehab treatment at Recovery Centers of America

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Begin your recovery journey with inpatient drug and alcohol treatment

Is addiction to drugs or alcohol causing you excruciating pain? Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. Inpatient detox and residential treatment provide a great start to achieving sobriety and beginning the path to lifelong recovery. At Recovery Centers of America, you will receive expert substance abuse treatment from a world-class team of doctors, nurses and therapists, who will treat you with the compassion, dignity and respect you deserve, staying by your side through every phase of treatment.

Benefits of Recovery Centers of America’s inpatient rehab program

Structured environment

Evidence-based treatment

Round-the-clock support

Peer support

Individual therapy

Group therapy

24/7 medical team


12-step curriculum

Family services

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What to expect during your inpatient addiction treatment

Typically you will begin your inpatient treatment undergoing a medically supervised detox, to manage your withdrawal symptoms safely and comfortably. Ongoing residential or inpatient care then provides a structured environment centered on individual, group and family therapy, educational and support groups, as well as, recovery and 12-step activities. You will also receive psychiatric, nutritional, spiritual and other services as needed. These sessions are administered by a highly qualified team, including masters-level clinicians, therapists, social workers, case managers, and medical professionals such as nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors.

Our complete treatment coverage equips you with the necessary structure to combat addiction and prevent relapse.

Treatment servicesLength of stay*Intensity of program
Medically-monitored detoxDetermined with patient*24-hours medical monitoring
Inpatient treatmentDetermined with patient*24/7
Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Partial Care/Day Treatment2-4 weeks3-5 days a week
3.5-6.5 hours a day
Intensive outpatient Program (IOP)/Day treatment4-6 weeks3-5 days a week
3-3.5 hours a day
General outpatient Program (GOP)Indefinitely / As needed1-2 days a week
1-2 hours a visit

*Medical necessity and clinical criteria, as well as patient preference, determine level of care and length of stay.

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Specialized inpatient treatment programs tailored to you

You have your own unique background and goals. That’s why we tailor your treatment to fit your specific needs . Our specialized inpatient treatment programs focus on your particular circumstances to promote your lasting recovery. We offer specialty programs for:  

Call now to begin treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

Our support and care continues well beyond inpatient treatment

To fortify the foundation of your recovery and to promote a lifetime free of drugs and alcohol, continue your recovery journey after residential rehab with these continuing care options:

Outpatient Treatment (In-Person & Online)

Outpatient treatment delivered at one of our world-class facilities or online via our HIPAA compliant web and video conferencing platform.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) will manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Alumni Association

The RCA Alumni Association will help you maintain long-term recovery with the support of a community of peers engaged in meetings, events and more.



Treatment Advisor
Standing By, 24/7