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I’m Relapsing

You are not a “failure” for relapsing and you are not a “failure” for needing to enter rehabilitation more than once. As with any other disease, addiction can result in relapse and require alteration of treatment. Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires constant management in a supporting and understanding environment. Relapsing is not a sign of weakness provided you have the strength to admit you need additional rehabilitation treatments. Remember: a rewarding, addiction-free life is ALWAYS achievable if you continue to seek help and support for your disease.

Recovery Centers of America’s inpatient and outpatient treatment programs provide private, individualized care that is convenient, affordable, and confidential. If you are relapsing and decide to enter into treatment for drugs or alcohol, you will work closely with a personalized team of highly credentialed professionals––including masters-level physicians, nurses, therapists, clinicians, counselors, and nutritionists––who will improve on and make adjustments to your previous treatment plan.

Commonly asked questions:

Can I go through rehab more than once?

Yes, you can go through professional drug rehabilitation as many times as needed for your recovery process and there are benefits of going back to rehab if you find yourself relapsing. Recovery Centers of America’s treatment program will cater to your specific needs each time. If you’ve been through a treatment program with Recovery Centers of America in the past, your individualized treatment plan will leverage the framework of the areas you excelled in with your last round of treatments to improve gaps in your recovery.

Why do I need to go to rehab multiple times?

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, drug addiction is a disease and—as with any disease—sometimes the methods, medications, and therapy programs need to be altered for treatment to be successful. When a doctor prescribes medication for another illness or disease and it does not improve the symptoms, the prescription changes. Addiction rehabilitation works in the same way and, while you may feel shame, anger, or frustration after relapsing, remember that your inquiry into another attempt at rehabilitation treatment with Recovery Centers of America is a sign that you are still on the right path to full recovery.

Will my insurance cover rehabilitation treatments more than once?

Typically, yes. Most insurance policies have a provision for professional addiction treatment, but each plan is different. Recovery Centers of America is in network with most insurance providers and we can verify your insurance for free. If you need help paying for rehab, our financial counselors will help you check your specific plan so you understand whether or not your insurance covers treatment more than once.

Is it too soon for me to go back into rehab?

It is never too soon to receive the treatments and therapy you need to beat addiction. In fact, one of the largest mistakes people make while struggling with addiction relapse is unnecessarily DELAYING additional rehabilitation treatments. You are only five minutes from success—all it takes is a phone call. Call 866-501-9686 and our care advocates can provide more information about relapsing and the treatment process.

Why do I keep relapsing?

The chronic nature of addiction means that, at some point, relapse can happen to anyone. This is not the same as saying treatments do not work or that a patient “failed.” Relapsing is a sign that something in the previous or current treatment process needs to change—whether it’s medication, a type of therapy or something in the home environment.

The people, places, and things around you play a big role in the recovery process. Maintaining ties to an environment that led to past behavior is a very common reason for relapse. This is why Recovery Centers of America patients are treated in safe, medically-supervised centers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Recovery Centers of America will never turn you away, no matter your reason for relapse or the number of times you reach out for help.

How do I tell my kids I’m going back into rehab?

We recommend having an honest discussion with your children and family about relapse and rehabilitation. A patient’s chance of long-term sobriety drastically increases with higher family involvement. If you are unsure about how to discuss relapse and going back into treatment, call 866-501-9686 to speak with on-staff interventionists and therapists who can guide you through the process of communicating with your loved ones.

Why didn’t rehab work last time?

Addiction affects everyone differently and the extent of your specific addiction can linger well beyond the conclusion of your rehabilitation. Recovery Centers of America’s professional rehabilitation and addiction treatment is catered to your unique addiction. We discourage patients from comparing their treatment results with other patients or what might be considered “the average” rehabilitation timeline. As with any other disease or illness, addiction disorders may require alterations in the treatment process if the symptoms do not improve.

Recovery is not just a process—it is an everyday choice. Severing ties with people, places, and things that led to past behavior is crucial when you are no longer receiving inpatient or outpatient treatment at a Recovery Centers of America facility. A personalized team of highly trained individuals will work with you to determine the best next steps in your treatment plan to help you get back into recovery. Following your inpatient treatment, our outpatient services will connect you with alumni and other individuals who have gone through a similar struggle, so that you can prevent future relapse and stay sober.

What if I need help paying for rehab?

Recovery Centers of America does not believe finances should be an impediment to treatment, which is why there are financial counselors on staff to help you. If you need help paying for your treatment, Recovery Centers of America offers a few options including:

  • Health Insurance Benefits – Recovery Centers of America is in-network with most major health insurance carriers, therefore you generally receive the highest benefit levels from your insurer. If your insurance carrier is out-of-network, we will work with your benefits to ensure you still benefit from your insurance plan. Based on the benefits you receive and what each of our facilities can offer, we may recommend a particular inpatient facility to maximize your insurance benefits.
  • Scholarships – Recovery Centers of America offers financial assistance via scholarships to a portion of our patients each year. Determinations on scholarships are based on an individual, case-by-case basis.
  • Payment Plans – Based on your needs, our team will negotiate a payment plan with you before treatment begins. You may adjust your payment plan during your addiction treatment program as your needs change. Recovery Centers of America payment plans have no interest and no prepayment penalties.


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