Recovery Centers of America is proud of every single member of our team, as they relentlessly work to save lives from addiction. We’re honored to have such dedicated, passionate people join our mission to save one million lives from addiction, one neighborhood at a time. Below, you’ll see our Heroes of the Day. These individuals have displayed outstanding acts of courage, compassion, and go above and beyond to help someone. Thank you for everything you do for our patients, their families, and our communities!

Recovery Centers of America is proud of every single member of our team, as they relentlessly work to save lives from addiction. We’re honored to have such dedicated, passionate people join our mission to save one million lives from addiction, one neighborhood at a time. Below, you’ll see our Heroes of the Day. These individuals have displayed outstanding acts of courage, compassion, and go above and beyond to help someone. Thank you for everything you do for our patients, their families, and our communities!

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Heroes of the Day (7/10/20)

Procurement Supervisor Leslie Avery!

Almost single-handedly responsible for finding, ordering/purchasing and tracking nearly everything that all sites (IP, OP, MAT!) require to function every day …. not to mention all the new ordering for future sites. Her task has now become more difficult with COVID, as so many items are either in short supply or non-existent, going above & beyond in her quest to keep our massive RCA machine running safely & smoothly.

LH & RB Facilities Director/Transportation Coordinator Joe Parisano! 

Joe started out at LH Transportation, moving to the Coordinator role and eventually into the Facilities Director position soon after, still keeping the transportation responsibilities. After several years at both positions and quarterbacking, the LH expansion last year, Joe has recently assumed both the Facilities Director & Trans. Coordinator positions at Raritan Bay as well.  Joe tirelessly splits his time between the 2 sites, which are nearly 2 hours apart and is on call 24/7 for any assistance needed at both LH & RB.

Heroes of the Day (7/9/20)

Lighthouse RSS Timothy Snyder! 

As an overnight RSS Tim goes above and beyond the call of duty. Tim Snyder revamped outdated RSS paperwork updating clearer easy to follow copies for the department. Makes copies of just for today and 12 Step/bible comparison etc. type literature for the patients daily.

He works the evaluation unit regularly. Catering to our patients when they are the most vulnerable. Always takes on additional tasks without questioning and is an awesome team player. His heart and dedication make RCA a better place!

Heroes of the Day (7/8/20)

Capital Region Utilization Review Coordinator Nakia Craig!

Nakia’s seamless ability to navigate in the world of insurance does not go unnoticed. The way she advocates for our patients and collaborates with her colleagues to ensure covered days are maximized speaks volumes to her commitment to the company’s mission. We thank Nakia for her tireless efforts and simply being “Our Hero”…everyday!

Heroes of the Day (7/7/20)

Devon RSS Valerie Lopez!

Valerie always does such a great job and handles stressful situations with a smile. She is an asset to the RSS team and has helped our patients in so many different ways! She is literally saving lives. We are so thankful to have Val as part of our Devon team.

Heroes of the Day (7/2/20)

Capital Region Housekeeping Staff!

Each member of our team have gone over and beyond in a major way during this pandemic. Not only do they ensure the safety and well-being of our site, they are often the ones engaging our patients and uplifting them with a casual “hello” or a listening ear. To say we appreciate their hard work is an understatement. The efforts they put forth behind the scenes are often taken for granted; however today, we thank and acknowledge you!

Heroes of the Day (7/1/20)

Devon Driver Frank Wisniewski!

Thank you for everything you do for all of our patients and all of your co-workers. You have displayed selfless and genuine care for those who need it most each day. Thank you for your commitment and dedication, thank you for your kindness and collaboration, and thank you for providing exceptional services to our patients. We recognize the essential role you play and the efforts you make each day. You should be proud of the work you do, the patients you serve, and the difference you make!

Heroes of the Day (6/29/20)

GENETWORx Medical Laboratory Technologist Monica Messick!

Monica Messick is amazing. She has been working at GENETWORx for the past 9 months. She brightens everyone’s day around her with her humor and is one of the most hard-working techs in the building! She deserves to be recognized for her achievements and should know how much we all appreciate her!

Heroes of the Day (6/26/20)

HR Manager Lucien Lamy!

Lucien Lamy in HR has been a tremendous team player to the MAT teams. Lucien is a joy to work with and has made a great effort to know and become part of the MAT teams. Thank you Lucien!

Heroes of the Day (6/22/20)

Capital Region RN Bolade Abiola! 

Bolade is one of our valued nurse professionals. While she is most recognized by the patients for the care and passion she delivers on an ongoing basis, most of her colleagues appreciate her upbeat and positive disposition. Recently it was realized her calling “to give” extends beyond the realms of nursing. With the recent COVID pandemic, Bolade has taken her special talents in making masks and has unselfishly gifted others with over 200 of these handmade expressions of love…at absolutely NO COST to the recipient! Thank you Bolade for going the extra mile to make the world a little bit safer; we recognize you for the Hero you are!

Heroes of the Day (6/19/20)

Raritan Bay UR Coordinator Stephanie Lupo!

Stephanie works tirelessly every single day advocating for our patients to receive the care they so desperately need. She is a rockstar during every single review, peer to peer, and appeal. She never gives up and fights until the last second. Stephanie is able to get authorizations and overturns denials in a way most of us have never seen, and she does it with ease. Our patients that commit to the full treatment stay are lucky to have her on the other side of the phone. Thank you, Stephanie!

Heroes of the Day (6/18/20)

Danvers Recovery Counselors and Primary Therapist Team!

These two teams are working really hard on a daily basis to keep our patients into treatment and help them engage into a long-lasting recovery journey. It is clear that each one of them strives to save our patients’ lives by ensuring they remain in this safe and structured environment to heal for as long as possible before moving on to the next phase of their recovery. Thank you for providing the highest quality of care to our patients through your high level of compassion and dedication!

Heroes of the Day (6/16/20)

Capital Region Admission Coordinator Allegro Farmer! 

We can’t find enough positive things to say about our colleague who has stepped up to assist in a MAJOR way. In the absence of our Director of Admission, Allegro has unselfishly taken the lead to move activities forward in his department…plugging himself in where needed, taking on additional tasks, coordinating efforts, etc.. No matter the cause or the reason…he’s there to lend a hand. Thank you Allegro for all you do to keep Capital Region forging ahead…WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Heroes of the Day (6/15/20)

Mission Center Team Lead Joe McKay!

Joe works tirelessly to advocate for every patient seeking treatment. There is truly no limit to the lengths he will go to ensure our patients receive the help they need. His energy is infectious and he is a major asset to our second shift team. We are grateful for his dedication to our mission of saving 1,000,000 lives!

HR Generalist Paris Walcott!

I cannot appreciate enough how helpful, supportive and responsive she is in any and all requests from our site! I have complete trust that whatever she will be given and asked to complete (from a site perspective) she will get it done! I’ve been with the organization almost 3 years and I am amazed with how much she’s grown. She is a great HR professional and I am grateful to be working with her! We are very lucky to have her on our team!!

Heroes of the Day (6/12/20)

Raritan Bay RSS Leads Christine Allaire and Justin Gasser!

Christine and Justin have been solid assets to the RB Team since our beginning. After recently being named our “Lead RSS’s,” they both have stepped up to the plate and have exceeded our expectations. Christine and Justin show up every day with enthusiasm and exceptional work ethic. They lead their team on every shift by modeling professionalism and passion while assisting every department. Justin and Christine are reliable, sharp, and great team players!

Devon OP Therapist Vanessa Esgro! 

Vanessa is our hero of the week due to her dedication and diligence to our clients! Vanessa works to complete assesments, group therapy, and individual sessions. Vanessa focuses on improving the assessment process and getting each client to the level of care needed for the best chances at sustainable recovery- completing 14 alone this week! She is a valued team member and helps train new members as well. Thank you Vanessa for your hard work!

Heroes of the Day (6/10/20)

The Entire Bravo Medical Team!

The whole Bravo Medical team under the leadership of Angela Saliba, PhD, Executive Director. They were without power for 2 days after the horrible weather in NJ last week and still managed to take care of 214 patients without interruption in great treatment. Thanks to Angela, Steven Glezerman, DON and Kevin Ford, Clinical Director, and the whole team for going above and beyond!

Heroes of the Day (6/9/20)

Capital Region RN Nadja De Los Santos!

Anyone who has come in contact with Nadja, patients and colleagues alike, have only the most favorable feedback as it pertains to her skills and customer service. Nadja willingly takes on additional duties and functions and is always there to support her teammates, both in nursing, as well as other departments. Her bedside manner has made her a favorite amongst the patients and they often cite her acts of kindness via Patient Surveys. To say we appreciate her professionalism and “can-do” demeanor is an understatement. Let us take this moment to thank Nadja for her many contributions and simply being a HERO to all of us at Capital Region!

Heroes of the Day (6/8/20)

Devons Admission Coordinator Alexa Grayson!

Alexa joined the admissions team at the end of Feb. She jumped right into the role quickly and demonstrated her clinical skills and ability to obtain pre-certifications using her ASAM knowledge. Not soon after she started, COVID-19 impacted her employment. But, that didn’t stop Alexa! She volunteered to help the admission team in Danvers, MA for a few weeks. We are grateful to now have her back at RCA Devon. In a short time, she has shown she is a team player, knowledgeable clinical and hard worker!

Heroes of the Day (6/5/20)

BBH Primary Therapist Tiffany Gipe! 

Tiffany is truly an outstanding therapist who is dedicated to helping her patients reach their full potential. BBH received a heartfelt letter from a mother saying “You stand out in every way” and it’s true! Yet this is only a small example of what Tiffany does every day. She is devoted to helping others gain the necessary skills to gain a sober lifestyle. As you can see from her emails she will be a team player and enlist the help of others to make miracles happen. She is a valued team member here at BBH!

Heroes of the Day (6/3/20)

BBH Spiritual Advisor Al Demers!

He is always available for patients and staff alike. He is kind and caring and always goes the extra mile to make sure others’ needs are met. His groups are always well attended. He exemplifies the meaning of a team player and helps out in any way he can to make sure that we get positive outcomes for our patients. He is a very valuable member of Team BBH.

Heroes of the Day (6/2/20)

Corporate Training Manager Ronni O’Toole! 

The Hero of the Day for Capital Region is actually RONNI O’TOOLE. While not a “sitting member” of our site team, she has been integral in helping us to navigate through the world of training in the midst of COVID and staffing challenges. In addition to helping ALL of our sites get acclimated to the new LIVE training for Ethics, she has unselfishly lent her assistance in helping to ensure all aspects of our New Hire orientation went off without a hitch. Her team spirit, can-do demeanor and willingness to help in any capacity has truly been invaluable. No matter the day, time or issue…she is always pleasant, professional and a wealth of information. Thank you Ronni…all of us at Capital Region are paying special homage to you today!

Heroes of the Day (6/1/20)

Treatment Advisor Emily McGuigan!
Emily McGuigan has been working out of our Admissions Department since the end of April. Emily arrived with monitors in her hand, laptop, and ready to start taking calls! She is a quiet warrior, with a wealth of knowledge and ability to admit patients with care and compassion. She stayed on the line with the patient as they waited for transportation to pick them up, offering details about RCA Devon’s treatment, encouragement, and support until the driver arrived and the patient was safely in the vehicle. She participated in Star Wars spirit day and even photo shopped some pictures of our very own Steve Wicke and Bridgette Vail for social media. She was also featured in the MC thank you to the RCA Devon staff. She is a kind, unassuming professional that is committed to the RCA Mission, it has been a pleasure to have her here at RCA Devon!

Devon RSS Supervisor Christian Frenz!
Christian is a talented, committed, dedicated leader who supervises one of the largest most important departments at RCA, the recovery support specialists. Christian led the RSS team when we first opened LH, he has been the Supervisor here at Devon since we opened our doors. He is a phenomenal point of contact for the KOP IT team when rolling out new initiatives. His disposition, caring nature, and attention to detail are some of the many incredible attributes Christian brings into work every day. He is incredibly humble and is committed to the RCA mission. An extraordinary example to our patients, loved ones, and to his colleagues- a true example of grace, honor and dignity. We appreciate you Christian!

Heroes of the Day (5/29/20)

Lighthouse RSS Paige Spano!
Paige is always available to help and lend a hand with whatever we need in OP to coordinate step downs, complete assessments, and manage scheduling conflicts. Whenever I call or text her she is always available to help me in any way she can. Paige, you make my tasks as a Director easier to accomplish. You are Awesome!!!

Heroes of the Day (5/28/20)

Bravo Executive Director Angela Saliba!
Angela has been gracious since the very beginning. She always has a smile for everyone and, with our current situation, Angela has been the rock of this facility. She keeps the staff motivated and the patients as content as possible. Thank you for all you do!!!

GENETWORx Operations Manager Charnetta Williams!
Charnetta has been instrumental in the functioning capabilities of the lab in response to the exponentially increasing volume related to COVID -19 testing. Her presence is invaluable – it literally would take a team of people to replace her. 

Heroes of the Day (5/27/20)

Administrative Assistant to Capital Region CEO Greta Harrison! 

Greta is easily the most unselfish worker here at our site. There is no department, patient, or person she is unwilling to help or lend assistance. She is by far, more than just an Admin, she is a “doer”! If there is a task to be completed, it is safe to say once the mission has been passed off to Greta, there is never a doubt it will be completed quickly, correctly, and efficiently. We appreciate this team member and honor her every day for her ongoing, selfless acts!

Heroes of the Day (5/26/20)

Devon RN Angela S!

Angela S is always willing to do whatever is asked with a positive attitude. She has excellent clinical and interpersonal skills.  Angela has prompt responses and excellent judgment with med approvals/ admissions and decision making. She has an outstanding rapport with co-workers, patients, and IDT. Angela also develops and maintains cohesiveness and positivity with the entire team. Thank you, Angela, for all that you do for staff and patients!!

Heroes of the Day (5/22/20)

Raritan Bay Primary Therapist Andrea Delucia!

Andrea gives it her all every single day and is devoted to her patients. She strives for 100% compliance and absolute perfection in every single aspect of her job. Andrea is a tireless advocate for her patients and her co-workers love her too. She often goes home after a long day and bakes delicious treats for the RB team!

Heroes of the Day (5/21/20)


The Voorhees Team!

The Voorhees Team has been working very hard during this time with Telehealth therapy.  The census continues to grow, the clients are engaged, and the staff are great team players!  Angela, Tara, Tina, Jessica, Stephanie, Dawn, Gary, and Holly are an amazing team, and thank you for all that you do!

Devon Clinical Supervisor Melissa Carr!

Melissa always comes to work with a dedication to the staff and the clients she serves. Melissa maintains an IOP caseload while also helping to manage the Devon OP program. Melissa is always willing to drop what she is doing to be support staff. She remains calm in difficult times and her energy is contagious. We appreciate Melissa’s dedication to our team and clients!

Heroes of the Day (5/20/20)

Lighthouse Executive Director Dawn Belamarich!
Dawn is an instrumental part of the team here at Lighthouse. She oversees the day to day functions of the facility and her dedication is truly unmatched. She wears many hats here and is willing to go the extra mile for all of the staff and patients. Every staff member in every department can say that they feel comfortable going to Dawn for guidance. She jumps in and helps out in every discipline and maintains a positive attitude while doing so. Her motto “teamwork makes the dream work” is what makes Lighthouse such an enjoyable place to work. Dawn is the true definition of a leader and a HERO and we are forever grateful for her.

Heroes of the Day (5/19/20)

Lighthouse LPN Ashley Benedetto!

Ashley is our Swiss Army knife! She performs many tasks as a nurse. Her communication between all units helps to keep things running smoothly.  Her flexibility as a nurse on the front line shows her true dedication. Her bravery as one of the nurses that does testing for our new patients as well as our staff is nothing short of courageous. The love she shows our patients in detox is key to instilling hope and inspiration. Thanks, Ashley, for all you do, a true hero!

Capital Region Unidine Director Suzette Smellie & Entire Unidine Staff!

We are so very grateful for Suzette’s leadership and the excellent customer service displayed by her and her team. Even in the midst of the current pandemic, they come in with a wonderful disposition and grace us all with their delicious offerings. They have certainly made these unprecedented times a little more bearable. Hats off to this remarkable team!


Heroes of the Day (5/18/20)

Unidine’s Aquilla Thomas (BBH)!

Aquilla has been outstanding at dealing with the changing needs of the facility related to the COVID-19. She has helped to deal with a tough situation better by making sure that meals are healthy and wholesome. She greets everyone with a big warm smile and is always encouraging and caring. She is a real asset to the team here Her dedication and drive to offer the best services available is a hallmark of her partnership with RCA BBH.

All Admission Counselors at Danvers!

They work tirelessly to welcome our patients into treatment. They make our patients feel safe and comfortable knowing they are being cared for when they have made that decision to get help. No task is too large for this team and they strive to help save 1,000,000 every day.

Devon Housekeeping Manager Bill Wallace!

Bill Wallace’s tireless efforts making sure that our residents and staff are safe during the COVID-19 outbreak and making sure the facility is clean and safe for all. Bill goes above and beyond for the staff and patients. We appreciate all that you do!

RCA at KOP’s QA Specialists Austin Avery, Nan Humes, and Rachel Kalanick!

With the increase in our lab volume, Austin, Nan, and Rachel have been asked/volunteered to help assist with the additional traffic that would normally be handled by Genetworx. They have completely changed their daily responsibilities and routines and have been working outside of their normal scope. The three of them combined reached out and had 1,824 separate patient interactions to help those who needed it receive their COVID-19 test results. Their dedication, work ethic and positive attitudes have been paramount in making this effort successful.

Heroes of the Day (5/14/20)

Lighthouse Medical Assistant Sabia Marabito! 
Sabia has been an extraordinary help during these unprecedented times. She has stepped up her game as a Medical Assistant and helps the patients that come in for treatment but helps the staff with many tasks. She takes time to answer questions and does her job with a go-getter attitude! She inspires so many to do well and keep going! The amount of work she does in a day can be overwhelming and she deserves a loud shout-out for always doing her best and being a fantastic RCA employee!

Heroes of the Day (5/13/20)

Bravo Receptionist Tamisha Scutchings!
​​​​​​​She is very outgoing and nice. She has very good interaction with the patients and overall friendly!

Heroes of the Day (5/12/20)

Lighthouse RSS Tracey Rouse! 
Tracey displays phenomenal character and integrity as an RSS. She does arts and crafts, facilitates groups, does new patients orientation to welcome out new patients and keeps female residential flowing smoothly. Her unconditional love for our patients shows as she gives an ear and sound advice on how to live a productive life in recovery. Tracey’s name rings bells in our hallways as our patients regularly say her name. Because of her passion for her job and recovery, her compassion is obviously one of the reasons that RCA @The Lighthouse remains an amazing place to come for treatment!

IT Support Analyst Robin Tucker!
I want to thank and recognize IT professional, and company hero, Robin Tucker, for his excellent service and the constant “can do” approach to making sure the show goes on with regards to Webex. Robin’s responsive to a call for help day or night, and the consistently pleasant and positive attitude are second to none and help keep people in recovery every day. Those qualities make him a hero not just for the day but all the time.  Robin is someone we can always count on to keep Webex running and the plethora of recovery meetings on schedule, seamlessly going, and one of those colleagues that put in hard work day after day and yet, like most real heroes, just do so quietly in the background.

Capital Region Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Gall!
The Hero of the Day for Capital Region is Dr. Jeffrey Gall! Dr. Gall has been a rock for the team since joining us. The patients and employees appreciate his bedside style and approachability. Even in the midst of COVID, he consistently empowers our employees AND patients with the information necessary to keep all at our site safe to the best of our abilities. Words can’t express our gratitude for all he brings to the community as a whole!

Heroes of the Day (5/11/20)


All Nurses at Devon!
Our nurses are amazing and our patients just love them.  They are there for them both medically and to lend an ear to our patients.  They are caring, compassionate, understanding, and respectful.  Our nurses come to work each day with a smile on their faces, and love helping our patients any way they can.  They are a true inspiration to the team and we are so thankful for everything they do for us!

Treatment Advocate Ella Ross!
Ella Ross went above and beyond to ensure a patient arrived safely at Devon Admissions! In the age of social distancing, this is certainly going the distance. Ella, thank you for everything you do! She’s a real trooper and night shift is never easy!


Heroes of the Day (5/8/20)


Director of Admissions at BBH Ana Prevost-Mallet!
Ana has just returned from maternity leave (Congratulations Ana!) and has hit the ground running! She has been doing a fantastic job managing the admissions to BBH. She is energetic, high energy and always goes the extra mile to make sure patients receive the best possible care. She works hard, keeps a good sense of humor and makes sure that everything is set for the patient to enter treatment ready and prepared for the challenges ahead. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She has been a great help with managing the COVID-19 and making sure that all her teammates are ready and prepared for our admissions.

Heroes of the Day (5/7/20)

CEO Brian O’Neill! 
The outpatient team would like to collectively nominate Brian O’Neill for staying true to RCA’s mission and working tirelessly for good of the patients and families entrusted to our care. RCA is the company that not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

All the nurses at Danvers! 
At Danvers, we celebrate and nominate our Nurses for this week! What else could it be?!  🙂

Thank you to all our nurses!
​​​​​​​We’d like to give a special thank you to all RCA nurses during National Nurses week! We appreciate everything you do every day but especially this year. These are difficult times, yet you help care for patients in their most vulnerable moments, treating them as your own family. Patients have breathed a sigh of relief because you have held their hands during their darkest times, ensured their comfort, talked them through trying times, and reassured them in ways only you can do. Thank you for using your compassion, knowledge, and heart to serve others.

Heroes of the Day (5/6/20)


Lighthouse RSS Danielle Voerth! 
Danielle displays heroic acts of bravery working on our Extended Evaluation Unit. She has been there since we started it at Lighthouse and does an outstanding job. She is a beacon of light to our patients! The courage she shows to walk in there and stay positive, keep a smile on her face, and go beyond to make our patients comfortable is remarkable. She is a power of example to follow for our patients and staff! Way to go Danielle, we are so proud of you!

Trenton Healthcare RN Theresa Gunter!
Theresa goes above and beyond for the patients and is a big reason why this facility has been running smoothly during this pandemic. I feel that she is the MVP of Trenton Health Care on a daily basis. The patients all love her and she is always in a positive mood.

Capital Region OP Administrative Assistant Katherine Barbee!
Katherine Barbee, OP Administrative Assistant is in the spotlight for Capital Region’s Hero of the Day! Katherine is a rock…always showing her high degree of reliability to move things along, or get it done! She embraces the Teamwork concept and leads by example. She deserves to be recognized for her passion to the Mission, our patients and the entire Capital Region Team!

Heroes of the Day (5/4/20)


Talent Acquisition Specialist Katie Sullivan!
There has been no better spokesman, champion, or advocate for RCA or our patients than Katie. Her energy and enthusiasm are second to none. Since COVID-19 has hit, Katie has offered to step and help anywhere she can. She has led groups, helped clean the facility, taken Admission Department calls, participated in Seeds to Recovery for patient families, and has been a pillar of peace for anyone that interacts with her whether it be patient, family, or staff. Keep up the great work Katie!

Devon RSS Alex Casares!
I want to nominate Alex (RSS). She is amazing. She always contributes wherever she is needed and does so with a smile. She is happy to help and puts the community above all else. She is a pleasure to work with and makes the floor run smoothly. She is everything in an RSS that makes our jobs easier. Thanks!

Heroes of the Day (5/1/20) 

BBH Director of Food Services Aquilla Thomas and the Unidine Team! 
We would like to recognize Aquilla Thomas, Director of Food Services and the Unidine Team for having a great Carnival Day here at BBH. The event really brought out a lot of smiles as people participated in games, ate great carnival-themed food as well as enjoyed each other’s company. Patients and the staff had a great time and it was a welcomed break from all the seriousness of the day.

A big thanks to all of the team for help making carnival day at BBH a special day filled with laughs and great food. It was a welcomed break from COVID-19 and our fight to save lives from addiction.

Raritan Bay Nurses! 
Raritan Bay would like to name ALL OF OUR NURSES as HEROS, not just today but every day! Every single nurse on our team goes above and beyond for the patients. With the added load of managing the “Observation Unit,” they have stepped up to the plate without skipping a beat. They are always advocating for the best care, from hot meals to spotless rooms, our nurses make the patients comfortable in every way. Not only do our nurses provide medical support, they engage with the patients on every level- and are an integral part of our treatment team. Each week, patient satisfaction surveys are full of praise and thanks to so many of our nurses. Our Nursing Department is the heartbeat of RCA Raritan Bay!

Raritan Bay Grounds Monitor Mansfield! 
We would also like to mention our Grounds Monitor, Mansfield. His support to the staff after hours is invaluable. Not only does he keep us safe and protected, Mansfield always jumps into patient care when we need an extra hand. We call him the “AA Whisperer” because he can effortlessly calm a patient that is antsy and on the verge of making an impulsive mistake. Mansfield is the guy you call when you need someone who can be real and meet someone where they’re at when they’re struggling. We are so lucky to have him!

Heroes of the Day (4/30/20) 

Devon OP MH therapist Gene Purdie!
Gene always has a positive attitude and uplifts his team’s spirits during difficult times. Genes clients love him! It shows in his weekly show rate of almost 100%. He is passionate about his work and it shines through his clients and peers. Thank you for being such a dedicated employee, Gene!

Heroes of the Day (4/29/20) 

Bravo’s Executive Director Angela Saliba!

Angela is a true professional leader. Angela has a calm, soft, approachable demeanor about herself.  She is hardworking and keeps our office running smoothly. Angela handles our patients’ needs with a personal touch. Patients say “Angela goes above and beyond “to help them in their time of need. She is a great team leader!

Heroes of the Day (4/28/20) 

MCAT RSS David Blanco!
David Blanco is a valued, all-around MCAT employee. There’s never a task, collaborative effort or kind gesture he is not willing to take on or be affiliated with. He has worn many hats in his short tenure with MCAT, but first and foremost, he’s always a patient advocate! His contribution to the entire MCAT/RCA Team is truly appreciated. His heroism is displayed daily and is simply part of who he is! We’re lucky to have a colleague and employee with his talent and generosity.

Lighthouse LPN Naomi Riley LPN!
Naomi is an amazing nurse and she does an exceptional job caring for our patients. She is one of the overnight lead nurses and she makes sure to take care of her staff.  She assists with difficult admissions and makes sure all of the nursing staff follows up with patient issues or she herself will call the provider. She is great at following through and communicating with all the leads. Overnight, nursing has an awsome teamwork approach. That is due to the role models they have to lead their team. People like Naomi make RCA the best facility to get proper healthcare and treatment! Go Naomi you ROCK!!

Heroes of the Day (4/27/20) 

Many of us continue to practice social distancing and making unprecedented sacrifices.  However, team members remain committed to helping alumni, families, friends, and the recovery community to sustain their recovery with online meetings and self-care activities to help during this time.

It should come as no surprise that when we asked for volunteers to help with the 12-Steps in 12-Days series in April, our illustrious staff did not hesitate to spring into action:

  • Tammy Marinaccio (Recovery Instructor at MCAT)
  • Nick Anastasi and Jeremy Guyer (Recovery Instructors at Devon)
  • Jim McCarthy (Recovery Instructor at Danvers)
  • Anna Du Puis (Customer Relations Manager at Westminster)
  • Vince Douglas (Recovery Instructor at Bracebridge Hall)
  • Patrick Clark (Project Manager from King of Prussia)
  • Bill Koroncai (Business Development Officer from Devon)
  • Marguerite Warner (Recovery Instructor at Raritan Bay)
  • Peter Krespan (Recovery Instructor at Bracebridge Hall)

Because many of these sessions were in their free-time, these heroes unselfishly gave of their time to make sure our community sustains their recovery.

Devon Quality Assurance Strategist Kate Linehan! 
Kate has been with RCA Devon since before the day the doors opened to the facility.  Kate was a Director of Case Management, then went to UR, and finally to Quality Assurance. Kate was recently promoted to Senior Quality Assurance Strategist, and will bring her skills and knowledge to the team starting on Monday. Kate has demonstrated leadership and professionalism in all that she has done here at Devon. She has brought so much to the table and has created great morale, communication, and leadership. She is an amazing trainer, mentor, and individual. Words can not describe the impact Kate has had on Devon for the past 2 ½ years. Kate will be so missed by the staff here at Devon and we want to wish her so much luck in her position.

Heroes of the Day (4/24/20) 

Raritan Bay RSS Sarah Sanpedro
Raritan Bay would like to acknowledge RSS, Sarah Sanpedro as our hero of the day. Sarah shows up to every shift with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. She is friendly and welcoming to every patient, making them feel like the most important person in the room. She’s always accommodating and joyful with her coworkers as well. Sarah always improves the vibe and morale of patients and staff!

Bracebridge Hall RSS Karen Barker

We want to recognize RSS Karen Barker. She is a dedicated, caring and compassionate individual who uses her instinct as a valuable tool in combatting addiction. Her calm and unassuming behaviors help her gain insight into some of the challenges patients face. She is a constant force at Bracebridge Hall. Her quiet and reassuring demeanor is noted by her peers and her supervisors. She helps save lives daily by using her training and her instincts to keep patients safe from their disease. She is truly a remarkable person who is 100% invested in making RCA and Bracebridge Hall the place for people to start their recovery.

Heroes of the Day (4/23/20) 

Recovery Support Specialists Team at Danvers!
Danvers would like to nominate the Recovery Support Specialists team as the Heroes for this week for their dedication and commitment to our patient care!! They are all working endlessly with our patients to provide them with excellent care during those difficult times and a safe environment. We are blessed for all our employees who are working hand by hand every day to make this miracle happen.

We are receiving notes every day from patients thanking our staff for saving their lives.

MA Chief Medical Director Dr. Heidi Ginter and Corporate Director of Nursing LeoDante Ognibene!
With names like Heidi and LeoDante, you know these two are going to be stand-outs. They most certainly are. Dr. Ginter and LeoDante are two of the people who worry each night about the health and safety of both our staff and patients. Leadership is their second name as they work enthusiastically to monitor Centers for Disease Control updates governing COVID-19 and then work to interpret recommendations and guidelines to our level of care.

Dr. Ginter is an excellent communicator, both in written and verbal communications, and has well-represented the interests of RCA with outside media, including National Public Radio. But the real story of Heidi Ginter lies in the personal touch she provides patients at Westminster and Danvers. The patients and staff are in good hands with her.

LeoDante has been very active with our illustrious Directors of Nursing to ensure our procedures are workable – and helpful. He has helped to formulate our medical response to the current pandemic.

Their selfless, yet down-to-earth leadership, has ensured that Recovery Centers of American is leading the fight against COVID-19. We’re grateful they’re on board.

Heroes of the Day (4/22/20) 

Lighthouse Admissions Counselor Amanda Keefe!
We would like to recognize Admissions Counselor Amanda Keefe. She has continued to be a source of strength and calm throughout a difficult time. She strives to make sure all safety protocols that are in place for staff and patients are followed and does so in order to keep her coworkers and the patients feeling not only safe, but well taken care of and comfortable. Throughout all of the changes that we have experienced, Amanda has taken all of them in stride and has been a model for not only the admissions staff, but for Lighthouse employees and patients on the Extended Evaluation Unit.

Lighthouse Drivers Jeremy Uy & Daren Lewis!
We would also like to recognize Jeremy and Daren for their excellent performance this last week. On two separate occasions these wonderful drivers stepped in to take a nine hour round trip drive to Virginia to drop off Covid-19 tests to our lab. FedEx was scheduled to pick them up at Lighthouse but never did. The drivers had to leave RCA at 3:30am to ensure the tests would make it to the lab when they opened. This teamwork allowed us to receive the results in a timely fashion so we were able to keep all of our current patients safe! It is this type of behind the scenes dedication that makes RCA a beautiful place for us to work and our patients to reside. Way to go guys – you all rock!


Heroes of the Day (4/21/20)

IT Project Manager Patrick Clark!
Patrick Clark is an unsung hero, he is a beacon of hope for many both professionally and personally.  He has been leading multiple IT projects from home, the most latest and greatest included the implementation of telehealth for our outpatient departments.  He is an unsung hero because besides his IT projects Patrick is involved in teaching patients the 12 steps of AA, being involved in webinars on the 12 steps for our alumni, educating families on the 12 steps for our Seeds to Recovery program, and is a major support and role model to his fellow colleagues that are also in recovery.  He teaches all of those that are around him that there is a better way of life through the practicing of the 12 steps and that you can recover and have peace, freedom, and a compassionate giving heart.

Bravo Medical Director of Nursing Steve Glezerman!
Steve is a true leader from the first day I meant him. Steve has this calm, uncanny ability to teach, listen, and react in a very professional way. He is the “go to person” in just about every situation that arises around here and always has the answer. Our patients love him and always wave, smile, or say “he’s a great guy” when they see him. He is very respected by ALL. I couldn’t ask for a better boss!

MCAT’s Entire Nursing staff on Assessment Unit 4!
Day in and day out these members of the nursing department work with our patients who are awaiting entrance into the larger community. They are assisting housekeeping with keeping up with the cleaning and sanitizing, they’re monitoring that patients are maintaining safe social distancing from each other, and they’re consistently smiling behind those masks and staying positive all the while. Thank you Building 4 nurses, you guys are our MCAT heroes and we appreciate you so much!

Heroes of the Day (4/20/20)

Devon Case Manager Zach Artz!
Zach has shown the willingness since day 1 to help others at RCA and provide high quality care and compassion towards patients under his care. He discerns patient needs quickly and moves efficiently to provide key information, recommendations or direction. Zach is the type of person you can count on to keep a cool head in a stressful situation, and his positive attitude is contagious. His dedication and hardworking nature make him a pleasure to work with.

Director of Family Services Trish Caldwell!
Mention Trish Caldwell’s name to just about anyone, and you’re bound to be greeted with a chorus of “I love Trish.” We all seem to. Behind the scenes during shelter-in-place and the COVID-19 pandemic, Trish has remained her usual busy – and sometimes over-extended – self. She has kept the fires of family therapy for our patients’ loved ones alive by offering online family support and already has quite a following. She also has been tireless in offering one-on-one counseling to families struggling with a newly sober one in the age of shelter-in-place. Separately, Trish has provided scads of online trainings for our referrants so that RCA Academy is alive and well throughout the current crisis. And, most would agree, talking to a blank screen during a webinar is no easy feat. One definition of heroism is “To do right in a quiet way is to be a hero everyday.” That’s Trish Caldwell and RCA is all the better because she’s a part of the team.

Communications Manager Audra Franchini!
Always with a smile on her face – and a smile in her voice – Audra Franchini, corporate Communications Manager, has been fighting the good fight to ensure RCA staff are informed as quickly as possible about the ever-changing face of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And, Audra is fast on the draw as she maintains RCA-Communications and our Intranet sites with the latest information. Consistent, reliable and speedy information is necessary as we work tirelessly to make sure our staff and patients are as safe and healthy as possible. In addition, Audra has been maintaining our Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) line to ensure that individual staff members’ questions and concerns are handled promptly and reliably with the help of Medical Director Dr. Heidi Ginter and corporate Director of Nursing LeoDante Ognibene. Keep smiling, Audra. Keep laughing, Audra. You’re helping us get through the New Age.

Heroes of the Day (4/17/20)

BBH Director of Facilities KC Poore! 
KC Poore is the consummate professional who always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone gets the best outcomes.  He makes people feel proud to be a part of a team that feels pride and joy in knowing they are helping save lives!

Heroes of the Day (4/16/20)

BBH Driver David Dorr!
David is employed at Bracebridge Hall where he is responsible for transporting our patients safely from one destination to another. On 4/15/2020 he was tasked to pick up a patient who has been with us before. David knows her from her previous stays with us and was prepared when he arrived at her residence and was presented with adversity and barriers to the patient accepting the ride to treatment. He started his trip at 12:20 PM and safely arrived back to Bracebridge at 4:45 PM. During this time, he followed all safety procedures, de-escalated the situation many times, and reached out for guidance from our medical and leadership onsite and our Admissions Department. He was unwavering and committed to providing extraordinary patient care. David does this on a daily basis but we would like to recognize him today for his exceptional effort toward our mission.

CEO of Outpatient Mike Britcher!
Mike Britcher has been working tirelessly to support his outpatient staff during this difficult time.

Devon Nurse Case Management Marisella Campos!
Marisella Campos for continuing to provide VIVITROL® injections to Devon OP clients and helping to implement creative approaches to providing vitals/weights for the eating disorder program.

Heroes of the Day (4/15/20)

Westminster RSS Richard Sylvain!
Richard Sylvain or better known as Ricky has worked dedicated and tirelessly for RCA-Westminster for almost three years now. Always showing up to work with a positive and patient-first attitude. Whenever there is a patient or staff member having a tough time Ricky is always one of the first people to offer his support and listening ear. Ricky is always there to help deescalate anyone in need quickly/efficiently, even more so during these trying times. Ricky is an incredibly hard-working, driven, well known and go-to type staff member. Patient and staff alike highly look up to and respect Ricky. Ricky has helped provide inspiration and hope to hundreds of patients he has met along his journey working for RCA.

Westminster Admission Coordinator Rhonda Fougere! 
Rhonda, or Rocking Rhonda as most call her due to her endless hard work ethics, is one of the best admission coordinators out there. Her wisdom and knowledge of recovery and helping others to embrace the sometimes difficult decision to seek help is unlike many others. Rhonda works incredibly quickly always with a smile on her face even in stressful moments to help reduce the time an admission spends down in intake and more quickly able to get to the floor to begin recovering safely. Rhonda is well experienced in the field of recovery which enables admissions to feel much more comfortable and safe allowing them to open up more due to a higher understanding rapport. When times get tough, Rhonda is always there with a level head and clear mind helping circle everyone back and help show that even in stressful moments, there is always a way to push on.

Melissa McBride (Dispensing RN) at Bravo!
I have the privilege of working with Melissa several days a week and witness Melissa as a very caring, thoughtful, empathetic person. Melissa takes the time with each person to give that personal hello, asking how each person is doing that day, and lending professional nursing guidance as needed. Melissa is a team player, interacting with everyone in the office with a bright, cheery conversation and outlook.

Lighthouse Driver Cheryl Graham!
Cheryl drove an hour and a half north from Lighthouse on Tuesday, April 14, to pick-up a patient who had already gone MIA on transport earlier in the day. She arrived at 6:30, and of course the patient then stopped answering the phone. After calling probably dozens of times, Cheryl realized the main door to the apartment complex wasn’t fully closed all the way. She made her way upstairs to the patient’s apartment and knocked, and finally made contact with the patient at 7PM. The patient was in quite a state, so it wasn’t until 2 hours later when they were finally packed and on the road. After much praise and shoutouts when her almost 7-hour journey was over, Cheryl replied simply “Thank God.”

Heroes of the Day (4/14/20)

Lighthouse Primary Therapist Megan Tangradi!
Megan has shown great leadership and teamwork by volunteering to be a clinician on the Extended Evaluation Unit. She has been working hard on ensuring that all our clients are coming in and feeling supported throughout this difficult time. Even though in these difficult times, Megan comes to work everyday with a smile on her face and an eagerness to get the job done. She has been 100% dedicated to Lighthouse and our clients. Megan has shown excellent teamwork not only by communicating with her clinical team members on new assigned clients, but also alongside admissions, RSS and nursing to ensure that all clients are taken care of and comforted in beginning to process of recovery.

MCAT Driver Marquita Campbell!
Driver at MCAT, continues to be a Rock Star in delivering exceptional service to the team and our patients. Regardless the climate of things, she boldly tackles every assignment with zest, dedication and an unstoppable commitment to our patients. Her upbeat demeanor to do what’s necessary for “the team” was further exemplified when she willingly drove to Richmond, VA to ensure the delivery of time-sensitive tests in which results were needed sooner, rather than later. Words can’t express our appreciation for all she does for the MCAT Community!

Mike D & the Entire Facilities & Transportation Teams!
We have had to do some creative things with deliveries to reduce shipping times by having all items delivered to one location and then creating a distribution process. Mike D and the facilities & transportation teams have been amazing and quite nimble. They have stepped up the bar on this front and ensured that critical supplies for staff and patients are received as quickly as possible. In addition, they have worked to sort and package items for distribution to ensure all sites receive necessary supplies. They have also helped to secure much-needed equipment by going to local essential locations for quick purchases of equipment, including picking up much needed anti-bacterial solutions in large quantities and securing and packaging them appropriately for use at our facilities. Both our patients and staff are thankful to have these heroes in our corner.  

Heroes of the Day (4/13/20)


Treatment Advisor Sara Doud!
Her positive attitude and leadership skills are a major asset to our mission of saving lives. She never hesitates to jump in and help other advisers gain a commitment from patients to enter treatment today. She treats every interaction with callers and her team with patience and compassion. She is currently working from home with three small children, a full-time teacher, full-time mother, wife, and never misses a beat when it comes to her professional mission to save lives. We are incredibly grateful to have her on our team in the Admissions Department!

Recruiter Tracy Sidoriak!
I would like to give a big shout out to Tracy Sidoriak, Recruiter who has worked diligently to hire over 25 Lab Technicians, with a very quick turnaround time. She is also supporting all recruiting efforts for our Outpatient and MAT facilities!

Corporate Receptionist Linda Swanson!
I’d like to recognize Linda Swanson. She’s in the office working. I’m sure she’s being helpful to so many people but here’s what she did for me. I was expecting an important letter from Medicare (Novitas) and I asked her to keep an eye out. She give me a daily email with an update and today she let me know it had arrived and she scanned and sent it to me. That was very helpful to me!

RCA Recruitment Team!
RCA recruiting team placed 507 placement in the first quarter of this year!

Devon Medical Director Dr. Caroline McWilliams!
Caroline has been a true asset to not only Devon RCA, but RCA as a whole during the COVID situation.  Caroline has helped set up protocols for the company, touches base with staff daily on the importance of protecting themselves and our patients, and continues to give amazing care to our patients.  She has been a great example of professionalism and a great role model for the Devon staff.  Caroline always gives wonderful care to our patients, but has gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are a lucky group of individuals to work side by side with Caroline, who not only is a great person, but an amazing medical director.  She is never too busy to answer a question or assist a patient or staff member.  We cannot thank Dr. McWilliams enough for all that she does.  We appreciate you so much!

Devon Clinical Supervisor Stephanie Lewis!
I would like to nominate Clinical Supervisor, Stephanie Lewis, as a hero. She is absolutely amazing and always puts the team first. She is a fearless leader who gives her last to make sure we’re all okay. She handles stress, change, and chaos with true grace. We don’t say “thank you” nearly as often as we should, but she truly is the heartbeat of our team. I am proud to nominate Super Hero Steph!

She is a natural leader, jumps in and completes every task sent her way, does over and above what is asked of her, always with a positive attitude. Steph is completely fair and supportive of her entire team.  She is someone to be admired and emulated a true professional who works harder than anyone I know.

HRBP at Devon Michelle Kalman!
Michelle brings out the “human” in Human Resources. She is RCA Devon’s go-to people person. To keep spirits high at RCA Devon she proposed a little virtual fun by asking staff to submit a talent they have and she started a virtual talent via email. She also comes in early twice a week to say hello to 3rd shift staff and check in on everyone, hosts the Peer of the Month celebrations, Star of the week, and is always a champion to all staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  She is constantly doing great deeds with little recognition, she takes time to recognize her teammates, uses her creative abilities to keep employees engaged, shows respect and has strong listening skills which makes her a champion to all she comes in contact with daily. You would never know from her dedication and commitment to the staff and the RCA mission that she goes home every day to mother her 3 young boys Dominic, Asher, and Jaxson and sometimes even cooks dinner for her hubby, Mark- Thanks Michelle, we see all you do and appreciate you!

Heroes of the Day (4/10/20)

Raritan Bay Director of Nursing Jess Sousa!
Raritan Bay would like to acknowledge our Rockstar Director of Nursing, Jess Sousa. From day one, Jess has been one of the most thorough and diligent people most of us have ever met. She is a workhorse and it shows! She single-handedly runs the most efficient medical departments in history and she makes it look easy. Jess knows her stuff, she is a problem solver and she is innovative. She has been able to implement every process and protocol seamlessly and quickly. The true test has been all of the changes and challenges brought on by COVID19. She was able to coordinate and implement the “Observation Unit” at Raritan Bay immediately and virtually overnight! We are all grateful and proud to work with Jess on a daily basis, because she takes no days off!

Bracebridge Hall Director of Nursing Allison Cairo!
Allison has been leading the nursing Department and has been outstanding. She treats everyone with urgency, dignity and respect. Her leadership is inspiring others as we save lives from addiction and COVID-19.

Heroes of the Day (4/9/20)

Lighthouse Outpatient Counselor Joseph Kerstetter!
Joe works tirelessly to facilitate his PHP Group and caseload needs. Despite the responsibilities that are associated with this level of care Joe is always willing to step up where ever and whenever needed. He supports his team and is the epitome what a team player truly is. In these trying times we are all facing, Joe is my Hero nomination.

Westminster’s Director of Outpatient Services Christy Morris!
Christy is an example of a dedicated leader. Through this difficult time she maintains professionalism and is providing sound clinical care for her outpatient program and has been an exemplary leader to her staff.

Danvers’ Primary Therapist Donna Williams
From a patient: Miss Donna’s Warrior training is the most relatable recovery I ever have received. She really knows how to keep your attention and get across what you need to know about recovery. Her energy and attitude is beyond jubilant. I can honestly say I don’t know if I’d still be here if it weren’t for her. She always makes sure I have the encouragement I need to get through my day. She is always going out of her way to make sure we have snacks and drinks, not just for our process group, but for the whole unit. She has brought in her own movies, record player, records, and CD’s for us to use during our free time. My words truly cannot express my love and gratitude for her and the way she cares and devotes her time to use and our recovery, whether as a group or individually. She truly has the biggest heart and is the best woman in the world besides my mother. 

Heroes of the Day (4/8/20)


Medical Director Dr. DeShields! 
Our Trenton and Bravo MAT sites would like to give a big thank you to our Medical Director Dr. DeShields. Dr. DeShields has been instrumental in making sure our patients and our staff are safe and that we are able to provide care without interruption every day but especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you, Dr. DeShields!!

Heroes of the Day (4/7/20)

Art & Yoga Therapists Eugene-Anthony Henry and Naomi Hurley!
MCAT is pleased to share with you our Heroes of the Day…Eugene-Anthony Henry and Naomi Hurley, our art and yoga therapists, respectively. We are “shouting out” these two incredible employees for their ongoing, creative efforts. Both have volunteered to work additional hours to offer our patients this additional therapeutic time to ease the extra anxieties associated with this unique time in our history. They come to work smiling, enthusiastic and most importantly, optimistic…something we all welcome! Additionally, Eugene has made available masks for those interested staff members, so that the one’s acquired and distributed by RCA can be used by our medical staff. These two employees exemplify the words spoken by Duke Ellington, “…A problem is a chance for you to do your best!”

Lighthouse’s Diara Roberts, LPN!
Diara displays character and purpose while performing her job. She is loving to all patients in her approach. She goes above the call of duty. She plays a role in the community as someone the patients and staff can come to for advice and compassion. She is definitely an asset to our team!

Heroes of the Day (4/6/20)

Treatment Advisor Anye Stewart!
Anye Stewart has been a Treatment Advisor with RCA since January 2019. She has been powering through, day in and day out, admitting patients and taking phone calls while struggling through her first pregnancy. She has been a beacon of light and hope within our Admissions Department since the beginning. Her laugh and attitude are contagious and our team has missed seeing her smiling face since we have started to work from home, a little over 3 weeks ago. We look forward to her laugh each day on our Team calls. She is consistently on our leader board for patients admitted each month and shows compassion and empathy on each call she takes. In the last few months, she has been blessed to find out she is having her first child. A new pregnancy is always a blessing and we are very happy for Anye and her family, but it has presented some challenges for her. She has been experiencing severe nausea, not only in the morning but throughout her day. She has remained steadfast and dedicated to our mission throughout, even when nausea seems unbearable at times. Another example of her unwavering positive attendance and work ethic.

Devon’s Housekeeping Team!
The housekeeping team has been amazing this month with not only their regular task of cleaning such a large building, but also ensuring our patients and staff are safe with the virus. They have been deep cleaning rooms, offices, the gym, making bedroom moves, picking up hours, and overall changing their daily routine, all with smiles on their faces. They have all been open to different protocols rolled out, and have embraced the changes. They go through the building each day to sanitize doorknobs, offices, seating areas, etc. With the leadership of Bill W., this team has been kicking some serious butt getting things completed, along with keeping patient morale high. We would be lost without all of you! Thank you for everything you all do on a daily basis!

Rick Bradley’s Team!
While we continue to treat patients at RCA Devon, we wanted to acknowledge some of our Treatment Advocates that went through RSS training and have filled in on the floor as RSS’s- Rick Bradley, Bill Koroncai, Dan Bartol, Greg Hastings, and Chris Woods. It really boosts morale and shows that we are One Team here at RCA Devon! Thank you, guys!

Lisa W., Shannon F., and the Customer Service Team!
They are doing an amazing job continuing to take calls and communicate issues around refunds and billing questions. They are communicating regularly any issues that arise and they are calling all patients back. They are doing a great job keeping everything organized and following up to make sure things are being followed through on so that no patient falls through the cracks!

Heroes of the Day (4/3/20)

Our Lab Services Team!
I would like to nominate our laboratory services team! The laboratory molecular team started COVID-19 testing on Monday, March 23. We are now receiving thousands of samples a day from all over the country. The whole team has pulled together to service these patients and provide a rapid turnaround for these results. While other major reference labs are taking 10 or more days to release the COVID-19 test results, our laboratory team is resulting them in 24 hours of receipt. All of these employees are on the frontline of the war against COVID-19 and are showing remarkable courage and professionalism. In addition, we are still reporting our RCA patient results and our other clients and testing. Everyone from our CEO down is doing whatever task is needed to meet this challenge. I am so proud to be a part of this company, a part of this profession, and especially a part of this TEAM!!!

Right now, the lab is actually an amazing place to be. Everyone is so committed. I have not heard a negative comment from a single employee. Everyone is asking what they can do and how they can help. We are proud of what we do and the way in which we are contributing!

Bracebridge Hall Nursing Staff, Katie Avery!
I want to recognize the Nursing staff at BBH for their tireless dedication and commitment to the patients we serve here. The team really goes above and beyond to make the patients and staff feel safe. The nursing team have been extremely professional and has demonstrated a great deal of respect for the patients as we deal with multiple systems issues like COVID-19. Someone in particular that stands out is Katie Avery. She is always extremely positive and keeps people looking at the brighter side of things.

She has been the glue to both the medical team and nursing and helps all of us communicate effectively and efficiently. She is very dependable and has found new ways to be innovative. She displays a great deal of determination and accountability while still taking the opportunity to laugh and display humility. We are all very grateful for her being one of our team members.

Raritan Bay Team!
The entire team has been so incredible and adaptable through all of the changes and added challenges. We’d like to give a big SHOUT OUT to the ENTIRE RSS TEAM.  Because of their diligence, we have 100% compliance on Patient Satisfaction Surveys!

Heroes of the Day (4/2/20)

Gray Davis, IT Tech!
Devon would like to nominate Gray Davis. Gray is extremely patient and kind! Outpatient transitioned to telehealth last Monday and Gray was ready to tackle any IT issues and concerns that came up on the spot. He did an excellent job all week running from one department to another to support our staff and clients to ensure they were able to access services. At the same time, he was helping to support the inpatient unit. He is extremely talented at his job and continues to shed positivity throughout the building. We are very grateful to have him on our team!

Voorhees/Raritan Bay Team!
I would like to nominate the Voorhees/RB team for stepping up and helping out other sites. The RB team has assisted with Mays Landing day IOP groups. The Voorhees team has been assisting Mays Landing with their Evening IOP and Evening GOP groups. They have also assisted with RB assessments and RB administrative task. The therapists and AA at Voorhees/RB are team players and always willing to assist with each other and other outpatient sites when needed.

Heroes of the Day (4/1/20)

The Staff at Delaware County Health Clinic!
My entire staff has been showing up ready to care for the people we serve and providing an empathetic and patient-centered delivery. The staff at DCHC looks forward to every admission that walks through the door! It’s all about teamwork here and everyone does it with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor when things get rocky. I am lucky to have such caring and passionate people on my team

The Staff at Bravo!
All of our Bravo employees have continued to serve our patients without complaint and with the same high standard of care, we have always offered despite these difficult times. They remain dedicated to the provision of all services and have worked tirelessly to maintain a clean and welcoming environment despite significant public health challenges.

The Nursing Staff at Trenton Healthcare!
While our entire RCA Trenton Healthcare team has stepped up, our nursing staff have been KILLING IT during this crisis! Between continuing admissions, daily dosing, putting in revised orders, and other daily duties, there have been NO interruptions in patient care and it’s all been done with a smile. 🙂

Heroes of the Day (3/31/20)

MCAT’s RSS Team!
On behalf of MCAT, we would like to spotlight our (first) Hero of the Day…the entire Recovery Support Services Team! Amongst the entire department, to include its leaders, this team has come together in the midst of the COVID-19 storm and shown a true sense of ownership and care for our patients, unlike ever before. They show-up and are going the extra mile in helping our valued clients to remain focused on their recovery while adhering to the ever-changing protocols implemented to ensure the safety of all. They are our hero’s today…and every day!

Lighthouse RSS Peter Vitale!
Peter displays leadership qualities in the community. He has been with us for over a year and provides recovery support for our patients on a daily basis. He goes above and beyond his regular duties to show genuine concern for all he comes in contact with. No matter what he is asked to do he is there and gives his best efforts. He is our hero of the week!

Devon CEO Steve Wicke!
Hero: A person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model- this also defines our CEO, friend and leader of RCA Devon, Steve Wicke.

Steve has succeeded in building a phenomenal culture and team at RCA Devon. One of the first things he does when he comes to work is walk the entire building and say good morning to everyone. He has an open-door policy, takes the time to send out thank you emails to the entire staff, holds weekly leadership meetings, sends out weekly patient surveys to staff, has patient listening sessions once a week, has monthly staff meetings, routinely sends out leadership quotes, has trained and promoted the most internal employees of any RCA site, is the best RCA DJ with the best music choices at Devon, and has a motto of  “Come to Devon with a sense of urgency to help someone – there’s plenty of opportunity each day. Treat everyone around you with dignity and respect – especially each other. Everything else is just details” which he lives and breathes every day.

He is a humble leader who is always the consummate professional and remains steadfast in the RCA Mission. He has earned the respect of his peers, colleagues, and everyone that has the pleasure of working with him. He never takes credit for RCA Devon’s successes but always, always thanks his team. A man with a career of achievements who continues to train, build and inspire those of us around him, a true gentleman and awesome role model. And to add on a personal note he is an amazing father to his 2 children and a dedicated husband to his college sweetheart, an avid Flyers fan and a huge Disney guy!

Heroes of the Day (3/30/20)

Director of Alumni Services Rick Delgiorno!
Soon after RCA limited outside visits to the inpatient and outpatient sites, Rick Delgiorno, Director of Alumni Relations, hopped to it.

Rick has been a driving force in communicating among our alumni – including patients who recently discharged from RCA sites – through a daily support meeting. During the online meeting yesterday alone, there were 68 alumni participants. Rick stated that among the participants were newly discharged patients who, regrettably, were expressing apprehension about starting their recovery without the benefit of in-person AA and NA meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In addition, Rick rallied the alumni by asking for volunteers to provide their contact information so that newly discharged patients can gain support from alumni in their area. Rick has been vetting the volunteers prior to adding their names to the list. To date, Rick has 29 alumni volunteers who are willing to provide guidance to our newly discharged patients. Information about both the daily alumni support meeting and the list of alumni volunteers – broken down by hometown – has been communicated with the sites.

When COVID-19 hit the United States with a fury, Rick didn’t miss a beat in communicating with our 34 RCA alumni chapters. Our patients are all better off due to Rick’s efforts. He deserves consideration as an RCA Hero.

Receptionist Linda Swanson!
A big thank you to Linda Swanson for helping to keep the lights on at KOP. Linda has done a great job with being the contact point at KOP for things like mail, deliveries and helping to keep track of our team’s needs on-site during the CV 19 pandemic.

Treatment Advisor Nicole Caltabiano!
A young woman called on Tuesday, March 25th asking for treatment options that accepted Medicaid because she was unable to self-pay and Nicole Caltabiano began researching options. Suddenly, the patient told Nicole she just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.

Nicole immediately relied on her training to ask pertinent questions but the caller would not give her location or and was sounding hopeless. Through Nicole’s tone and compassion and skillful communication to get the caller to think about things she is good at and things that make her happy in her life, she was able to keep the caller on the phone long enough to have authorities contact the caller’s family.

Nicole stayed on the phone for over an hour with the caller until the family arrived. Her composure, patience, compassion, and skill were all part of what it took for this caller to get to a safe place.

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